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Ignite Website Report

No description

David Mowry

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Ignite Website Report

What the Website is doing now Recieved 2530 hits in the last 30 days It is a reference point for ongoing communicication Where ignitenaz.org needs to go... *Needs to have online Membership

*Needs to have active blogs

*Needs to have updated resources

*Needs to have traffic from E-blast

*Needs to have benefits for Members

*Needs to have Video Content Our current site is the Orange Package $35 per month
500 MB storage
Main pages plus 10 pages (we're full)
5 editors
250 photo gallery images
No storefront products
An upgrade to the Red Package is: $55 per month
5,000 MB storage
Main pages plus 50 additional pages
15 editors
500 photo gallery images
10 storefront products
Donation Engine
It is my recommendation that we upgrade our site to the Red Package to allow for growth. Recommendations It is my recommendation that 5 people commit to blogging on specific topics related to different levels of Children’s ministry and that these blogs be housed off-site with links directly from our site. Examples: “What I did today as a Children’s Pastor.” “Family Ministry” “Personal Health in Ministry” “Lessons from Sunday” “Children’s Ministry 101” It is my recommendation that we set up a storefront on our website so people can register for ignite on our site AND sign up for membership on our site. I recommend we establish someone to be our web commerce administrator who will be responsible for these transactions. Key concept: forgiveness is better than permission. It is my recommendation that we establish someone to champion the resources area of our website. This would include books, websites, documents, and other tools that constantly become available in children’s ministry. It is my recommendation that we consider video taping some key workshops at Ignite 2010 and edit them down for use on the web. This is too much for one person to do. We need to seek out some additional media technicians to help this be quality.
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