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White Pine Book Presentation 2013-2014

An informational Prezi describing what the White Pine Book Club is about and a little bit about the books we read!

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Transcript of White Pine Book Presentation 2013-2014

A stunning novel about a teenaged prostitute trying to survive -- and save a friend's life -- in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside during the time of the Pickton murders.
One in Every Crowd
A book of honest stories about gender and identity is for anyone who has ever felt different or alone. Included are stories about Ivan's tomboy youth and her adult life, where she experiences cruelty and kindness in unexpected places.
It's a night she'll never remember. When Libby Thorne wakes up in the hospital, they tell her she was in a car accident. They tell her it was her fault, and that an innocent victim is clinging to life. The problem is, Libby can remember none of it. As memories start returning, can Libby face a truth that may be darker than fiction?
White Pine Reading Club
What is it?
What would I do?
Regular meetings where you will have a chance to share your discoveries with other White Pine readers.
How often are meetings?
Read at least 5 of the 20 nominees, and be eligible to vote on your favourite
Meet the authors on Spring field trip
by Martine Leavitt
by Ivan E. Coyote
by Colleen Nelson
by Lindsay Moynihan
by David A. Poulsen
Ethan Palmer has money saved to buy his dream car…when he crashes his dad's Volvo into their garage. With all Ethan’s hard-earned cash now going into repairs, he won't be driving anytime soon. Or will he? He thinks he's found a way to make some easy money. Suddenly nothing is more important than making money. He has no idea what his choices will cost him.
Summer's just around the corner, but for Nate, plans have suddenly changed: Not only is his absentee father back, he's got this goofy idea about a road trip the two of them will take. His dad plans to connect with his son by taking him into his own past, which has the Vietnam War as its centrepiece. As the two struggle their way through the jungle of the Ashau Valley, and they experience something that goes far beyond what either of them expected.
by Lisa Harrington
Before Luke came into his life, all Ben cared about was skateboarding, and whether his father would ever remember that he was alive. But then Luke died, and everyone at school thinks it's Ben's fault. Maybe it is. Ben needs to find a way to reconcile his role in Luke's death and prove that he was not to blame.
Eighteen-year-old Simon wants to stand up for the truth about who he is. His love for Stephen is unwavering, but does he have the courage to defend it? Will Stephen's feelings change now that he's been banished to the Waverly Christian Center to be “normal” again? Struggling to maintain peace, Simon puts everyone else's needs before his own. It takes a courageous act on the part of Jude, his mute twin, to change all of their lives forever
Live to Tell
My Book of Life by Angel
The Fall
The Waiting Tree
Old Man
Part of the Forest of Reading (continuation of Red Maple)
Celebrates Canadian authors
Great opportunity to discuss engaging books
A chance to vote on the best Canadian author
10 nominees for Fiction
10 nominees for Non-Fiction
This Is Not A Test
by Courtney Summers
It’s the end of the world. Six students have taken cover in Cortege High but the dead outside won’t stop pounding on the doors. To Sloane, that doesn’t sound so bad. Six months ago, her world collapsed. Now she’s forced to witness the apocalypse through the eyes of five people who actually want to live. But soon the group’s fate is determined less by what’s happening outside and more by the unpredictable and violent bids for life—and death—inside.
Running on Empty
by Don Aker
Where can I sign up?
Now that you know what's what with the White Pine Reading Club, sign up today!
Nix Minus One
by Jill MacLean
Nix doesn’t talk much. At home Nix finds refuge in his father’s workshop where he builds boxes and tables—and avoids arguments with his sister, Roxy. Nix would slay ten dragons for her, but she drives him crazy—especially when she decides to go after Bryan Sykes. The guy is seriously toxic, but Roxy won’t listen, so what can Nix do?
by Rachel Hartman
Four decades of peace have done little to ease the mistrust between humans and dragons in the kingdom of Goredd. Seraphina, a court musician, is drawn into a murder investigation. While she begins to uncover hints of a sinister plot to destroy the peace, Seraphina struggles to protect her own secret, one so terrible that its discovery could mean her very life.
You can sign up on the sign up sheet just past the entrance of the library office (to the right of the library entrance).
Where can I find the White Pine Books?
On a cart inside the library office.
Look for the White Pine spine label
Keep track of the books you've read by signing our White Pine reading tracker
Remember to look for this!
Where can I sign up?
You can sign up on the sign up sheet in the library office (located to the right just past the library entrance).
When do I vote?
sometime in April
A party will also be held with food and fun!
Who can I go to for more information?
You can see any Teacher-Librarian, of course!
White Pine Logo:
Fiction Books: http://www.accessola.org/OLAWEB/Forest_of_Reading/Awards_Nominees/White_Pine_Fiction_Nominees.aspx
Non-Fiction Books: www.amazon.ca
Book Descriptions:
Join the
White Pine
Reading Club.
Read new
books by Canadian
authors and
vote for your

Look for this symbol on the
spine of the book
join the discussion:
Save the Humans!
by Rob Stewart
Rob Stewart has always been in love with creatures. His passion for all living things led him around the world. His 2007 documentary, Sharkwater, set Stewart on the path from saving sharks to a slightly bigger goal: saving the human species. In his latest book, he tells his fascinating life story so far -- of his transformation from "animal nerd" to one of the world's leading environmental activists.
Moving Out
by Cindy Babin
Living Me to We
by Craig Keilburger and Marc Keilburger
After fifteen years of travelling the country and advocating for social justice, Craig and Marc Kielburger became inspired to give you the practical tools to do one world-changing act every day.
Georges St.Pierre tells the true story of growing up in the martial arts world and discovering that his passion for learning and constant improvement makes him happy. This book highlights the lessons that brought him there, the unique system he invented to combine various forms of fighting arts, and the key people who helped make him world champion.

Along the way, he discovered a simple truth: never stop reaching for your goal
The Way of the Fight
by Georges St. Pierre
Born to be Brad
by Brad Goreski
Celebrity stylist and fashion icon Brad Goreski takes readers inside his whirlwind life, from his small-town Canadian roots to his worldwide successes, sharing a wealth of style tips, tricks, and photos along the way to help every reader look and feel their absolute best.
Hold the OXO!
by Marion Fargey Booker
Are you a young person, thinking about moving out but not sure what to do?

Moving Out is a practical and philosophical book on how youth can look for apartments, find movers and roommates, budget, stand up for their tenant rights, effectively overcome homesickness, develop good health and social habits, respect the environment, and live with all the cultures of the world in one of our great Canadian cities.
Approximately 20,000 underage soldiers served overseas in World War 1. Jim, only 17 when he left for war, was one of these teenagers. With quotes from Jim’s letters and diary, Hold The OXO! A Teenage Soldier Writes Home tells the story between the lines of his life on the battlefields of Ypres and the Somme.
by Cynthia J. Faryon
Guilty of Being Weird
by Laura Scandiffio
People Who Said No
Sometimes, saying "No" is the right thing to do.
True stories of regular people who had the courage to stand up for what they believed in.
by Lise Dion
The Secret of the Blue Trunk
In this true story, Armande Martel, a young nun from Quebec, is arrested by the Germans in 1940 during a stay at her religious order's mother house in France. She spends the war years in a German concentration camp. After her return to Canada, she leaves the Church, finds the love of her life in Montreal, and adopts Lise Dion.
Growing up, Lise is familiar with only a few facts of her mother's past. It's when she clears her mother's small apartment after her death that Lise Dion discovers the key to the blue trunk, unlocking the secrets of her mother's past.
edited by
Mark Reid
100 Days That Changed Canada
Every Canadian knows a handful of dates that changed our country—July 1, 1867; November 11, 1918; September 28, 1972—but our nation’s history, now more than 50,000 days long, runs much deeper than those iconic moments. These subjects come to life in 100 images that touch us, unsettle us, or make us proud to be Canadian.
At twenty-four, Guy Paul Morin was considered a bit strange. He still lived at home, drove his parents' car, and kept bees in the backyard. He played the saxophone and loved the swing music of the 1940s.

In the small Ontario town where he lived, this meant Guy Paul stood out. So when the nine-year-old girl next door went missing, the police were convinced that Morin was responsible for the little girl’s murder. Over eight years, police manipulated witnesses and tampered with evidence to target and convict an innocent man. It took ten more years and the science of DNA testing to finally clear his name.
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