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Chapter 9 - Section 3 - Ancient Rome

No description

Ben Robinson

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Chapter 9 - Section 3 - Ancient Rome

-Ran household
-Raised Children
-Inherited property
-Ran family business
-Couldn't vote 3 social classes The Upper Class: Patricians and some Plebeians Lowest Class:
-1/3 of population
-physical labor
-rebelled Middle Class:
Prosperous business leaders Household gods Worshiped 100s of spirits Shrines Human Form Religion and Government Linked Priest were government officials Emperor head of church Public Ceremonies Emperors honored as gods Father:
-Head of Family
-Owned property
-Disciplined Children:
-Some education
-Private school for boys
-Home school for girls
-Girls married at 14 crowded - dirty - noisy - apartments - no toilets - trash - fire Poor:
-little to eat
-bread, olives, fruit
-free grain Rich: luxury, theater, fancy, dinners, dates, oysters, ham Solutions: -built sewers -aqueducts -public baths -entertainment -Circus Maximus GLADIATORS 8:00 min
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