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Prelim Society and Culture - Research Methodologies

Introduction to research types and processes

Jackie Charles

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Prelim Society and Culture - Research Methodologies

Research Methodologies Qualitative
Research Primary Research Research that is conducted by the researcher themselves:

conducted to gain first hand information eg: interview, questionnaire etc

data collected requires interpretation

allows collection of new information Make a table comparing the advantages and disadvantages of primary and secondary research? What are
four places
you would
rather be
right now?
Secondary Research Research conducted by someone else.

Draws on primary research and other secondary research to present interpretations and conclusions.

Using secondary research gives you the background of a topic and allows you to define your own area of study. What sort of
question is this? How could you change
the words to make it
open/closed? data is easily measured/counted
results are usually presented as graphs or in tables
recorded statistics of observable behaviour Quantitative Research research that uses decriptions rather than statistics
focuses on intepreting and evaluating the experiences of particpants Questionnaire Watch the video and make notes on the type of questions that Kerry O'Brien asks. Content Analysis Quesionnaire Observation Statistical Analysis Interview Quantitative Qualitative Quantitative research involves collecting data that can be counted (quantified) and analysed for meaning. Qualitative research involves the collection of data that provides detailed descriptions, explanations and opinions of why things occur. Content analysis Observation Statistical analysis
Interview Methodologies Types of Data While most methodologies can be used to collect qualitative and quantitative data, they are usually focused on one.
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