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Kiari Hong

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Taoism/Daoism

Taoism/Daoism By: Amanda, Jason, Janis Symbols and Beliefs about the afterlife Citations: Major Beliefs of Taoism Yin Yang Symbol Beliefs of the afterlife Yin Yang Symbol Founder of Taoism The beginning of Taoism It is said that Lao-tzu rode past a mountain when a guardian asked him to write down his teachings. The book Lao-tzu wrote was "Tao te Ching ." Taoism is mainly practiced in China, with some adherents in North America. There are many estimations of followers worldwide. Some say it is merely 6million while some say it surpasses 100million. The followers are difficult to estimate, because there are many factors that are part of Taoism. The Yin Yang symbol means that there is a
harmonic balance between two things.

Taoists believe that when something is evil, its balance of Yin Yang is off.

"It represents the balance of opposites in the universe. When they are equally present, all is calm. When one is outweighed by the other, there is confusion and disarray." Taoists believe that when you die, you cease to exist. They neither desire or fear death. This is what they believe.
When you die, you still live, in the memories of others.
When you die, your essence reincarnates into a new form.
When you die, you bounce back into your own life and have the opportunity to experience another variation of your life.
When you die, you rejoin the universe and are one with God if you believe in God.
When you die, you discover the many truths that exist. Chi(literally air/breath)- The life force or energy that is in every living thing . To live a long, healthy life, you must keep chi at balance. Taoism is an ethnic religion, however, it can be said that it is a mixture of both ethnic and universalizing due to the spread of the religion to other parts of the world. Lao-tzu(Laozi) founded Taoism in 5th-3rd Century BCE There is no major difference between Taoism and Daoism. They are only different in terms of language. http://www.joyofsects.com/world/taoism.shtml http://www.taopage.org/laotzu/tao_te_ching.html http://chartsbin.com/view/pog 5.3mil 330,000 21,000 1,600 FOLLOWERS OF TAOISM estimation 3 years ago assuming it is 6 million Teachers/Prophets of Taoism "Master Chuang" wrote another sacred text of Taoism called
Chuang-Tzu "Master Chuang" wrote the next sacred text of Taoism called "Chuang-Tzu". Ying Yang balances many of the cycles in life. Some of these meanings are referred to as the opposites of the universe :
life and death
night and day
heaven and earth
dark and night http://www.religioustolerance.org/taoism.htm Taoist believe the purpose of life is to achieve immortality or close to it. http://www.religionfacts.com/taoism/beliefs.htm Since Chi, the life force, is also breath, Taoist mediatate and focus their breathing to balance the chi in their body. Literally "The way" Tao: The natural order of the universe. Tao is not something physical and has no characteristics, but it is
not nothing. Taoism: Ethnic or Universalizing? Founder: Laozi
Area of World: Mainly China, some parts in North America
Prophets: Really none,
Major Belief: Everyone must live in accordance with Tao and balance opposites.
Beliefs of afterlife: Taoist does not fear nor desire death. Taoist are taught to accept death as a part of Tao.
Symbols: The Ying Yang representing opposites. Summary
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