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The Aga Khan Foundation

No description

Presley Schmitt

on 25 March 2016

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Transcript of The Aga Khan Foundation

Food for Thought
“Every life deserves a certain amount of dignity, no matter how poor or damaged the shell that carries it.”
Aga Khan Foundation
Their goal is to alleviate poverty
in continents such as Africa and Asia.
The private sector and small business
fund necessary government projects
Founded in Switzerland in 1967 by Aga Khan IV
Founded on the goal of providing long-term solutions for:
health care
Aga Khan wanted to give back to the poor by helping them alleviate their poverty
AKF collects 43 million a year
through the form of government grants and contributions.
84 cents on the dollar is spent on the charities programs.
the average successful charity spending 70 cents on the dollar.
administrative costs are 15 cents
AKF Thematic Areas of Focus
The Grim Reality:
The Aga Khan Foundation
Rural Development
Help with food security
more efficient ways to farm
irrigation systems
crop rotations
access to capital for farming use
access to markets to sell them in
Has community health programs in Central Asia, South Asia, and East Africa
Has more than 200 health facilities
Operate 9 hospitals
Operates more than 200 schools and advanced education programs
Teach more than 54,000 students
Emphasizes female education
Civil Society
The management of natural resources is a central objective
The resources are used in a sustainable way to raise income and improve the overall quality of life

Money allocation
Making filters to clean water
training natives to make filters
maintaining them as well
creating dams and rain catchment systems
-Rick Bragg
Helps with improving quality of life
Volunteers build houses
spend 6-8 hours building
interest free
$200 can pay for materials for a house

Why should we care
They're human beings
Not the citizens fault
Aid given to the country is garnished
Improve trading
Allows the global market to grow
In turn allow us to grow
Not have to provide aid
Impoverished countries around the world
millions are starving
it would take 2 days to buy a Mcdouble
Farmers cant produce enough food
child exploitation

How people should be
having to much money
not worrying about meals
having access to
affording a house

How can you help?
Donate @akfusa.org
Choose the Program you wish to support
Choose the Amount
And feel happy about donating
Looking for volunteers
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