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The amazing human body

This presentation is about the human body.

Rachel Robertson

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of The amazing human body

Digestion System The Amazing
Human Body Nerve System Muscular System Urinary System Circulatory System Immune System Skeletal System Excretory System Endocrine System Respiratory System The Endocrine system controlls your
cells. The cells help with what's importent...
like growing up. The heart, blood vessels and lungs are the
parts of your circulatory system. The lungs
take in the air and the oxagyn gets the heart
pumping the blood. After your food gets digested, your
digested food goes down to your
bladder and you get rid of it by
going to the toilet.
The respitory system helps you breath.
The digestive system breaks down your food. There are 2 parts of your nerve system. #1 is the CNS. It's job is to recive messages and tell the PNS to
deliver the message. The immune system protects us from the
1000 germs that enter our body. The excretory system is the part of our body that gets rid of the waste. You need bones but you also need muscles and joints to move them.
Your muscles are made from
elastic tissues. The muscles pump
blood through your body.
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