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Rock Challenge intro

Rock Challenge presentation for students

Amy Towler

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Rock Challenge intro

St Thomas á Becket Catholic College Rock Challenge 2013 WHAT IS
NEXT? Rock Challenge® is an anti-drug and crime prevention initiative which takes the form of a performing arts competition for secondary schools and colleges. This competition first took place in the UK in 1996 after nearly 20 years in Australia. The Rock Challenge® is produced in the UK by the Be Your Best Foundation - a registered Charity No. 1077291.

The competition consists of an eight-minute dance-based production with up to 100 performers per school team. They devise the theme, choreography, stage design and lighting as well as deciding which pieces of music to use. Auditions

Voting for a Theme

Rehearsals once a week til January 2013
(Non performers involved)

Check 'Rock Challenge' Board on A corridor and google apps St Thomas á Becket Catholic College have entered Rock Challenge for many years and have had huge success in the past. Previous themes include 'Around the world in 80 days' 'Jack the Ripper' & 'Game Over'

As a new academy in the Year of Faith we
feel Beckets is ready to compete in the Global competition that is Rock Challenge in 2013

What will this years' theme be?
Are you ready to be your best? ROCK
HISTORY ROCK CHALLENGE is a long term commitment, not one you should enter into lightly

If successful you would be required to attend rehearsals after school and at weekends.

Auditions will be held for those wanting to perform in Rock Challenge (dance / mime)

You can also be involved back stage with make up, hair, costume, set, lighting or sound. Auditions for these roles are not necessary.
If you want to be part of the Beckets
Rock Challenge Team 2013 please sign up on one of the 'sign up' sheets around the hall before you leave...

Include your name, form, age in March 2013 and what part of Rock Challenge you want to be involved in. Sign up TODAY!
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