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Mobile Techs & Library Staff, Staff Development Keynote for Tufts University Library

My keynote presentation for Tufts University Library's Staff Development Day. 6/2/2011.

Joe Murphy Librarian

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Mobile Techs & Library Staff, Staff Development Keynote for Tufts University Library

Mobile Techs & Library Staff Staff Development Keynote
Tufts University Library Joe Murphy Change goes for
each and every one
of us stakeholders,
so don’t get comfortable Joe Murphy
Trend Spotter, Yale Librarian, Innovator http://joemurphylibraryfuture.com tech trends
tension opportunities why (& how) libraries & librarians will remain getting out from under the present and peering into the future Tensions for growth emerging trends in mobile tech
disruptors impacting collections & service
major current mobile techs Trend Areas Our situation is a tight one, what are we going to do – fight or run? www.facebook.com/joemurphy3
Twitter: @libraryfuture
libraryfuture@ gmail.com Upcoming disruptions Upcoming disruptions Skills Librarians will remain because we know that Currency Rules Everything Around Me,
CREAM is timeliness change pan literacies mobile literacy Joe Murphy http://thenextweb.com/facebook/2011/05/31/report-96-of-americans-under-50-are-on-facebook/
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