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Michael Vick

No description

mike mckenna

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Michael Vick

NFL 2001-2007
Spent a total of 21 months in prison
Also to 2 months of home confinement
Vick later filed for bankruptcy
August 2009- Vick signs with the Philadelphia Eagles
In 2010, named starter, and led the Eagles to the playoffs
Again he made another Pro bowl
In 2014, Vick signed with the New York Jets, where he is today
NFL Return
If Vick, like Hester, was to branded by a letter, I would put it as A, for Abuser, and eventually mean (somewhat) accepted.
Vick's Letter
Works Cited
Michael Vick- College Year
Drafted first overall by Atlanta Falcons, first time for an African American QB to take spot
Led Falcons to playoffs twice
Chosen for 3 pro-bowls
Went to Virginia Tech, over Syracuse
Led the Hokies to an undefeated season, but lost in the Sugar Bowl, as a freshman
As a sophomore, led the team to only a single loss, but won the Gator Bowl
Left to NFL after sophomore year
Michael Vick
August , 2007- Pleaded guilty to federal charges in a dog fighting ring investigation
Immediately suspended indefinitely by the NFL, and the Falcons later released him
Suspension & Conviction
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