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4.03 Renaissance Humanities and Fine Arts: Assessment

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A. A.

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of 4.03 Renaissance Humanities and Fine Arts: Assessment

4.03 World History Architecture Literature Inventions These two houses feature some
architecture that were used during
the Renaissance. They include inner
domes and columns. They are both
examples that reflect the influence
of humanism. This is because belief
during the Renaissance was becoming
more secular.

Art This was a Renaissance work called
"Virgin of the Rocks" and was created
by Leonardo da Vinci. Other works like this one was influenced by humanism because people
at that time were becoming more interested in
exploring the Earth. Many works were not
based on religion, but based on reality. John Milton wrote poetry during
the Renaissance. This
relates to humanism as well.
As part of humanist study, scholars
wanted to find works of poetry
and history . An important invention during
the Renaissance was the
printing press. The printing
press used movable type so
that books were more
accessible to more readers.
As a result, it helped increase literacy and the spread of ideas, one of the ideas being humanism.
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