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Copy of AQA Media Studies - Unit 2 - Assignment 1

No description

David Whittam

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of AQA Media Studies - Unit 2 - Assignment 1

Analytical task
AQA A Level Media Studies
Analyse three minutes
of a the television programme titles. How does the film or programme attract the interest of its audience?
AS Media: 1 year

MEST 1: Examination based on two unseen media texts and links to the key concepts. Also, includes analysis and planning on a chosen topic area

MEST 2: Coursework piece, choice from 3 briefs - choice of 2 from 3 media production
AQA A Level Media Studies

Entry requirements: C grade in GCSE English is a must!!!

1st year: AS Media Studies

Coursework: 50% of final mark (25% if carry onto AS level)

1 hour 30 minute Examination: 50% of final mark (25% if carry onto AS level)

The exam will be based around the key media concepts;

- Audience

- Institution

- Media Language

- Representation

Example of exam;

Two sections: Section A: Unseen media piece, Section B: Cross media case study
Introduction to
- In a group list all the films you have seen over the last 3 months.

Now decide what type of film each one is and group them together accordingly.
Questions to consider

What criteria did you use to group them together?

Were some criteria more important than others?

Did any of the films fit into more than one category?
Can you identify the Genre?
Science Fiction
What are the generic conventions of Sci-Fi?
Task - Write 200 words outlining the generic conventions of Sci-fi movies.
Can you think of any Sub or hybrid Sci-fi genres?
Just for fun
Analysing a scene
The Matrix (1999)..
Dir. Wachowski Brothers/Brother & Sister
> Tracking Shot
> Point-of-view Shot
> Focus Pull
> Extreme Close-up
> High-angle Shot
> Crane Shot
> Bullet Time
+ Cut
+ Shot-reverse-shot
+ Match-cut-on-action
+ Fast-paced
+ Slow-paced
+ Cross Cutting
Background sounds
Sound Effects
Diegetic sound
Non-Diegetic Sound
... Low key lighting
... Unusual lighting effects
... Set and location
... Costume and props
... Casting
... Blocking

Media Language
How are different areas represented within the clip?
The city
Task - In groups of 3 consider what the clip tells us about each of the following aspects.
The police
Who watches Sci-fi films?

What pleasures to they get from them?

How would you describe Sci-fi fans?
A history of Science-Fiction Cinema
Task - In groups, using the handout you are going to plot the history of sci-fi in the movies and create a timeline of all the major factors.
What questions do you think you will need to answer?
How do different aspects of the clip appeal to sci-fi fans?
How does it use the conventions?
to explain how the technical codes of a text create an effect on the

and how the producer uses mise-en-scene to encode the text so the
will interpret the text correctly.
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