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Brandon Otero

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Pericles

Thursday, January 10th 2013,
5th Period. Pericles About Pericles The End Pericles was born in 495 B.C, and died 429B.C.
He was born in the deme of Cholargors, which
was just north of the Athens. His families wealth
"marked" the way for his education. After this he
joined the military and flied by the ranks until
he finally became a general. He would also rule
Athene from the year 461B.C-429B.C. Pericles was born in 495 B.C into the wealthy family of the Alcmaeonids. Pericles name, which meant "surrounded by glory" was certainly true as he improved the Athen army, and being in charge of the Athens army, lead them to many victories in battle. Pericles Birth Being born in the wealthy family encouraged Pericles to learn. As a result, he learned many things as a child. Pericles learned many things while he was in school. After Pericles was done with his education, he started his own Political career in the law courts. He was one of the leading prosecutors in getting Cimon ostracised from Athens in 461 B.C. Pericles was also to consolidate his position as leading statesmen for the Athens.

ostracised: Exclude from a society or group.

Education Pericles was also the general in the Athenian army. He lead the Athens into many battles such as the Samian war, and the Peloponnesian War, They would return home triumphant. He remained in charge of the Athens until his death in 429B.C. Military Pericles accomplished many things in his life
that improved the Athens and the people that
resided there. He made a very important point
for the people that were there.

the End!!! Last minute facts(important) Pericles was actually in charge (king) of Athens . He highly encouraged/supported education, sculptures,writers, etc.

When the Persia king Xerxes burned down Athens, Pericles ordered it to be rebuilt.

Now its the End!!!! Waffle Mountain!!! Government. Pericles passed many new laws while he was into politics. This improved the Athenian government, and the people that resided there. He was also on of the leading prosecutors for Cimon's ostracism. Rule of Athens When you are elected in politics, you are called a general. Pericles was a general. when he was in charge, Pericles immediately ordered the Athenian people to rebuild Athens. reason being the Persia king Xerxes burnt it down. He put new monuments, temples, and sculptures in the newly rebuilt Athens. Pericles also highly encouraged education,So Pericles built new schools in Athens, thus the name " The Center Of Education."
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