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Found Poetry

Using 'found poetry' to reinforce the meaning of primary source documents.

MsC Cisneros

on 19 July 2011

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Transcript of Found Poetry

Found Poetry What is it? In other words, found poetry is using the words and phrases of an existing piece of writing to form your own poetry Using Primary Sources for Found Poetry Use 'Found Poetry' to reinforce the meaning of the primary source document/s you are studying While you do not have to use all of the words from your document, you cannot add any additional words, and can only repeat words that are repeated in the original text Tell students that they must keep the essence of the document (unlike some other forms of found poetry, where they can write anything they want to as long as they are using the given words) ~ they need to read their document in depth and pull out the essential words and phrases to try and communicate those in a poem

This will force them to understand the document more fully than they would by just reading the text You can use one document for all of your students, or you can have each one use a different document ... this will depend on your lesson Have students find a copy of the original document you want them to use at loc.gov, to get a feel for the original, but then have them find (or have prepared for them) a simple printed page of the text they can cut up to use for their found poetry

*** IMPORTANT: Do a practice search for the documents you want students to find ... while this is an amazing website, the search feature does not always return what you are looking for, so you may want to do this as a class exercise, or be prepared with hints if the students are struggling to find the document you want them to find On your printouts, medium to large font works best since they will be cutting up the words (REAL cutting and pasting ;-p) While found poetry can potentially be done on a computer, it is probably much easier for the students to visualize their poems if they can just move their words and phrases around with their fingers You can add creativity and artistry by giving students art and craft items to work with How to Start Decide on which document/s you want your students to work with, or let them choose a document Supplies ~ Construction Paper to work on
~ A printout of the document you will be using (using a font that is large enough to be easily cut up
~ Scissors, plain and fancy (edgers) if available
~ Glue sticks Presentation These look fabulous on bulletin boards! Students can read theirs aloud to the class They can be assembled into a booklet Prepared by Vivian Cisneros
cc 2010 "Found poems take existing texts and refashion them, reorder them, and present them as poems. The literary equivalent of a collage, found poetry is often made from newspaper articles, street signs, graffiti, speeches, letters, or even other poems." "Poetic Form: Found Poem". Poets.org. 2010. Web. 10 July 2010. <http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/5780>. A 'Found Poem' created from the 'Gettysburg Address'. Questions? Do a Google search for 'found poetry' and you will get information on examples, lesson plans, definitions, instructions, etc.
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