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Mary Draper

No description

Sarah Cox

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Mary Draper

Mary Draper
Mary Draper
Mary Draper is famous for her efforts to assist the Continental Army by offering food, hospitality, clothing, and ammunition to the Patriots.
Little is known of her life previous to the American Revolutionary War.
She was born on April 4 1719
her mother was Mary Alvis
Resources say she was not formally educated. She may have been home schooled.
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Mary was married, widowed, and remarried to a Moses Draper. Together they worked a large farm.
They had six children, five sons and one daughter.
Mary Draper was widowed again at 56 years old in 1775, three months before the Lexington alarm.
Her oldest son, also named Moses, was 31, married, and had joined the Patriot army.
Why is she famous
While she couldn't leave her family and join the army she gave as much as she could.
According to the records left by the Rev. William Clark, large companies of soldiers marched through their town almost daily, and Mary Draper set to work baking bread and making cheese and cider.
On hearing that the army was low on ammunition, she melted down her own pewter platters and mugs.
During the Colonial period, the household items that women owned not only proved their ability as a wife and homemaker, but were a sign of wealth or were their dowry.

As girls, they made or were handed down household items like china, silverware, quilts, sheets, and etc. to start their new life with when they got married. Mary Draper was literally melting down her money and giving it away.
Fun Fact
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