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Cyber Bullying

No description

Betty Hoang

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying occurs when a person uses the internet or another type of technology to hurt or harm people. Some people go online to pretend to like the person online to trick others into believing it, some may even create hate pages.
Why do people cyber bully?
People who cyberbully others are driven by anger, fustration, or even revenge. Kids cyberbully primarly to replace social skills that they were to develop through out the school years.
What is Cyber Bullying
Cyber bullying is another way of bullying on the internet, on cell phones, or anyother device that people may have.
How are people cyberbullied?
These are commonly used sites that are used to cyberbully:
How do People React to Cyber Bullying?
There are two types of reactions. There's a positive reaction and there's a negative reaction. The negative reaction involves seeking revenge on the bully or avoiding friends also activities. Sometimes the victim cyberbully others to get even.
Statistics on Cyber Bullying:
Cyber Bullying
You can refuse to pass along cyberbullying messages.
Tell your friends or others who are cyber bullying to stop.
How to be cyber safe
Don't post any personal information ( your full name, address, phone numbers, etc.) This also goes for your friend's personal information.
... Happens with just a click
How can We Prevent Cyber Bullying?
Cyber Bullying Facts:
Cyber bullying start at ages 9 through 14.
1 in 3 teens said they have been cyber bullied.
In the US, there are reports that girls mock others for their physical appearances, while boys tend to make more explicit comments.
1 in 6 preteens said that they've been cyber bullied.
411 cyber bullying reports 40% of kids said that their cyberbullying took place on instant messenger services.
Prezi By:
Betty Hoang
Izzy Rosinko
Branson Cox
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