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The 39 clues : The sword thief.

No description

Jorge Aguilar

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of The 39 clues : The sword thief.

The 39 clues : The Sword Thief.
Beginning: First 5 chapters
Middle: chapters 6 to 11
They found out that they were being spotted by a family of 5 that were about to tell the Kabras where the clue might be. Dan accidentally told that it might be in the subway so they both went there. As they were going through the tracks, Amy got her foot caught in the tracks. The longer it took they could see and hear the train coming. Amy thought she would die so she closed her eyes. When she woke up, she thought she was dead but they saved her because the train station shut down and they hid in a small room so they wouldn't find them. In the room they found a scroll and a chest. They read the scroll and it says to collect the geometric shapes so they take the globe, and two containers. They get almost killed by the yakuza or the japanese mafia but make it out. They find Nellie or their friend with the Kabras who decide to team up. Ian who part of team Kabra gives Amy a coin which might mean something. They open the containers and find scrolls which says they should go to Korea . So they stay in Alistair Oh's home in Korea where they find a huge door in Oh's garden which Dan tries to unlock the code. What could be inside????
End: chapters 12 to 17
They find out that there was a library with antique books. They had to find how to get to the clue . They found out if they found all 39 clues it will give the secret of alchemy or the philosopher stone. And in another book , they find out they have to go to a mountain called Pukhansan. While they were climbing Ian offers a race with Amy to a near-by boulder. She wins and proves he is stronger. Amy starts falling for Ian as a gravel pile falls on Amy but Ian saves her. They find an entrance which leads them to the clue: gold. They also find an anagram which tells them that the next clue is in Lake Tash in Kyrgyzstan. Team Kabras left team Cahill and buried them alive. They found out that there was gunpowder above them and exploded it. Dan and Amy made it up but Alistair didn't. The next clue is not in Lake Tash, it actually means of an Egyptian goddess or El Sakhet. When they go home they find Alistair's white gloves which means he is alive. Then it was over
I would recommend this book to ages 9-11 or grades 4-6 and who likes mysteries would recommend them to read the whole series. This is the end of my third book talk and have a very nice day.
This is my third book talk but this time I am doing it on prezi.
My book is called The 39 Clues: The Sword Thief. This book is a great book and by the end of this book talk you will like this book. So now on to the book, this book is part of a series called as some of you already know The 39 Clues. These two people named Dan and Amy trying to find all 39 clues before team Kabra find them. The clues tell them about their past because their parents died in a house fire. So now they are trying to find their third clue . So sit back, relax, and enjoy this presentation.
Here is how it started, the two siblings were at Venice, Italy at an airport. They were going to Japan because they have two Japanese sword which might be something about the next clue. They were late because they had to be there 1 hour early but they were there 15 minutes before the plane lifted off. When they were about to go through the tunnel to the plane,they were 5 minutes before it left but the flight attendant stop them. She told them to wait there but she didn't come back. They tried to run back but the Kabras already got there and the plane was about to leave. They tried to track the flight attendant yet she escapes the area. After that, there was a huge bomb scare and had everyone evacuate. That is were they meet their uncle, Alistair Oh. Amy and Dan decided to go with their uncle where they find a jet which flies them to Japan. After they unpack they decide to go find hints where the clue is. They decide to check at the library internet. They find tattoos that is the same as the markings on the sword but there is stuff missing. After they find a hidden map and printed it the cursor was magically exiting the files they were looking at. They found out they were hacked. They told the librarian and a person barged in and sent them out
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