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civil rights movement

a movement in that started in the 1950's and escalated from there

dillan whitaker

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of civil rights movement

groups involved naacp the black panthers sclc sncc nation of islam the nation of islam was a organization that practiced a militant (an eye for an eye) kind of action for civil rights.they were led by malcolm x and elijah muhammad the naacp is a group that hopes to get social,econonomic and educational freedoms for african americans. the black panthers hoped to stop police brutality and racism. they were associated with the nation the nation of islam and they were inspired by malcolm x's and elijah muhammad's beliefs the sclc's goal was to coordinate and support nonviolent direct action to get civil rights the sncc did a series of sitins during the civil rights movement they usually took place in white areas.the african american protestors were the ones that usually got arrested not the white antagonists KKK they tried to kill the spirit and determination of african americans by doing as much bodily harm as possible. they did that for the first time by killing emmet till, a fourteen year old boy that was visiting family in money mississippi he went to a store and as he was leaving he said to the owner's wife "bye baby" and he was killed by the kkk, another way they did this they bombed a church with four little girls in the church getting ready for service groups against the civil rights movement people that led and followed the civil rights movement martin luther king jr lyndon johnson thurgood marshall malcolm x thurgood marshall was the first african american to get into the supreme court martin luther king jr led the civil rights movement and had experience because he was a pastor and when rosa parks was arrested for not wanting to give up her seat to a white man. and when that happened he instantly wanted something better african americans rosa parks malcolm x spoke of the unfair judgement of african americans and also hoped to get civil rights for african americans. he followed elijah muhammad she was the chairman of the naacp and
she knew martin luther king jr after she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white man
lyndon johnson passed the civils rights bill that let african americans to go to the whites only locations whenever or where ever the location was. strategies used during the civil rights movement they practiced civil disobedience by doing the following,freedom rides,freedom summer,march on washington,montgomery bus botcott,and sit-ins events
birmingham campaign a strategic move to stop unfair treatment in birmingham alabama brown vs. board of education a supreme court case that was against linda brown and the tacoma board of education the verdict was that schools were no longer allowed to segregate schools in the united states civil rights act of 1964 the civil rights act of 1964 was a landmark piece of legislation in the united states that outlawed unegual application for voting registration requirements and racial segregation in schools
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