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Ayesha Kishwar Rahman, that's me!

No description

Ayesha Rahman

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Ayesha Kishwar Rahman, that's me!

Ayesha Kishwar Rahman, that's me! Do you want to learn about me? Know about me? Now you can! Just watch and enjoy! My age is 12.5. My birth date is Monday 07, Feruaury, 2000. I was born on 12:05 PM. My name is Ayesha Kishwar Rahman. I have been living in KSA all my life (even the same house). I started studying in YIS when I was in 1st grade. It was fun! I have 4 sibblings and I am living my life (it's so-so). I have traveled a lot by car. We went to 4 countries: KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, India (and we are planning to go to Egypt the next summer holidays. In electronics, I am particular. I have 4 laptops, Acer, Mac (Apple), Lenovo, and Samsung (and unfortunatly, I had to give away my one of my laptops to my grandpa). I have 2 mobile phones, one is Nokia and I actually got it when I was in Kindergarten. The next one, I got it when I was in fifth. I'm planning to buy an iPhone 5 or atleast 4S. I am the oldest. I have a sister in 6G and her name is Hafsa Rahman. Then I have a brother named Abdullah Rahman and he is in 2B. My small sister is 4 and a half years old and her name is Safiya Rahman. Last but not least is my baby brother which he no longer is a baby is about 11 months old and his name is Saifullah Rahman. My parents name is Naqeeb Ur Rahman and he's my dad. My mom's name is Atiya Firdous Fatima. My Favorite Color is Blue AND Pink! My Fav Books that I love to read!!!! The Dork Diaries Series Goosebumps Series Dear Dumb Diaries Series Saifullah Rahman Hafsa Rahman Abdullah Rahman Safiya Rahman Ayesha Rahman The Songs I like (in English) are
*Hey Soul Sister
*We Are Never Ever Getting Back
*Back to December
*Smelly Cats

The Songs I like (in Hindi) are
*Subha Hone Na De
*Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
*Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna I have had many great teachers in my life and they are Mrs. Suha Samhori who tought me 1st grade, Mrs. Komali Abeneni who tought me 3rd grade, Mrs. Maggie who tought us art when I was in 1st grade, Mr. Timothy Winterfeld who is currently teaching us Technology, Mr. Howard Rose who tought us 4th grade (not PE) and many many more. I cant name everyone. I have many best friends who are my sisters and they are Firdous Afreen, Atiya Ahmed, Alizey Mobasshar and there were some when I was in 5th and 6th grade like in 6th grade IrDina was also my big sister but now that she is in different class its hard for me to communicate with her. My friends are my big sisters and Kanza, and Yasmean. Those are sort of close while the rest are friends only. My favorite mobile game is Teeter. It's a gravity sensor game and it's amazing. I didn't fownload it, it actually came in my mobile when I bought it. I have many favorite apps but three of them are Makeup, Talking Tom (and all of it's other applications) and the last but not the least is Millionare City. Millionaire City Talking Tom Talking Gina Teeter Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed it. See you later! :P
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