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The Joys of Prezi

No description

Kelly Kennefick

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of The Joys of Prezi

The Prezi Experiment
What is Prezi?
"Prezi is a cloud-based productivity service that creates presentations unlike anything else. Instead of a sequence of slides or an animated video, Prezi presentations zoom in and out of a vast single canvas, first focusing in on a block of text or a set of images or videos, then flying across the canvas to other text or images. You always have the option to zoom out to see the entire canvas or in to see any detail you choose. The effect is surprisingly dynamic and engaging, and a Prezi presentation can bring the viewer into the action in ways that ordinary slide-after-slide presentations in PowerPoint and its clones can't. You can even use Prezi as a collaborative-brainstorming tool." - Edward Mendelson PC Magazine
Why Prezi?
It is something different and interesting
Can switch up your boring presentations
You can focus on a certain aspect or photo
You can truly bring your information to life
All computers can access Prezi
Also offers an iPad application
What now?
You will explore Prezi so you are more familiar with the program. You will fit into one of two categories:
If you are new to Prezi you are going to figure out how to make one and put your own creative spin on it.
If you have used Prezi before, I want you to explore a new feature that you have not used:
adding audio
different zooms
customize your zooms
Go out on a limb and explore new things
What do I make a Prezi about?
You will choose one president to teach class about, here is your steps:
Choose a president - Put your name on the Google sheet found on Google Classroom
Research your president using the Google doc on Google Classroom
Tell us the following information on a Prezi:
When were they born and died (how old are they if they are still alive?)
What political party were they apart of?
What was their wife's name - if they had one
How many kids did they have - if they had any
5 interesting facts about them
Include 3 photos - 1 of them, 1 of their family, and at least one of your interesting facts (if he liked jelly beans, find a photo of jelly beans!)
What do I do when I am finished???
Copy your shared link and post it on to the google sheet that you choose your president on!
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