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Nutrition and Balanced Diet

No description

Rachel Wong

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Nutrition and Balanced Diet

Rachel Wong
Nicola Chou Nutrition and Balanced Diet - Choose a wide range of food and drinks from all food group

-Eat a sufficient amount of different types of food

-not to ban or omit any foods What is Balanced Diet? What is an Eatwell Plate?
What does it shows? Fats:
-made up of different types of fatty acid
-provides energy
-high intake of fatty acid can lead to health problems
-Food Sources: Chips, Pizza, Burgers... (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr The food component or nutrients are classified in groups. Protein:
-protect system and organs.
-found in muscles, bones
-Food Source: Beef, Chicken, Fish, Eggs Carbohydrate:
-two types of carbohydrate that provide dietary energy are sugars and starch

-key component in our diet

-important source of energy

-Food Source: Bread, Rice, Potatoes, Pasta, Cereal Vitamin
-required a small amount

-Cannot be made by body except Vitamin D

-Food Sources: Milk, Tomatoes, Fish Oils Fiber
-helps your digestive system
-high fiber diet can help reduce cholesterol
-helps to control your appetite
-Food Sources: Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts, Grains Minerals
-an inorganic substances
-involved in the formation of bones and teeth
-Food Sources: Seafood, Dairy 5 A day Initiative -At least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables
-good source of vitamin and minerals
-can reduce the chance getting diseases. The Eatwell Plate -Eat plenty of...
~Vegetables and fruit
~Starchy and wholegrain foods

-Limit the amount of fat, sugar and salt consumed

-Do exercises regularly

-Drink plenty of water everyday

-Keep track of weight gain and lose

-Don't skip breakfast Dietary Guidelines Health problems caused...
-Overweight and Obese
~Fast-food and convenient unhealthy food choices will easily gain weight
~Obese will leads to disease like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease

~Metabolism will slow down
~The immune system will be affected Not having a HEALTHY DIET?! THANK YOU!~
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