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Romeo and Juliet

No description

BaoEr Ye

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet

Juliet's Personality
Evidence (Juliet)
Romeo's Personality

• Fickle
• Impulsive
Romeo and Juliet
By: Karen, Madeeha, BaoEr, Vithya
"That copest with death himself to 'scape from it; and, if thou darest, I'll give thee remedy." (Act 4, Scene 1, Lines 75-76)

"Thy purpose marriage, send me word to-morrow, by one that I'll procure to come o thee, where and what time thou wilt perform the rite; and all my fortunes at thy foot I'll lay, and follow thee my lord throughout the world." (Act 2, Scene 2, Lines 144-148)
Evidence (Romeo)
This quote by Friar Laurence shows that Juliet is stubborn because she would rather risk getting into trouble by faking her own death rather than marrying Paris.
This quote by Juliet shows that she is hasty because a few hours after she met Romeo she thought that they were "meant for each other" and wanted to marry him the next day.
Thanks for watching!
By: Karen, BaoEr, Madeeha, and Vithya
"Then plainly know my heart's dear love is set on the fair daughter of rich Capulet: as mine on hers, so hers is set on mine; and all combined, save what thou must combine by holy marriage. When and where and how we met, we woo'd, and made exchange of vow, I'll tell thee as we pass; but this I pray, that thou consent to marry us to-day." (Act 2, Scene 3, Lines 57-64)
This quote by Romeo shows that he is fickle because soon after he is rejected by Rosaline, he thinks that he has fallen deeply in love with Juliet (whom he just met), and has already decided he wants to marry her the next day. He changed his love and affection for Rosaline to Juliet quickly.
"Hold, there is forty ducats. Let me have a dram of poison, such speeding gear as will disperse itself through all the veins that the life-weary taker may fall dead, and that the trunk may be discharged of breath. As violently as hasty powder fired. Doth hurry from the fatal cannons womb." (Act 5, Scene 1, Lines 59-65)
This quote illustrates the impulsive mind of Romeo because he hastily bought a poison (to kill himself with) from the apothecary upon hearing of Juliet's death. He immediately decided to end his own life without giving any thought about his future.
Romeo and Juliet's personalities and the extent to which they are to be blamed for the tragedy
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