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The KUKA Titan

By: Katherine K. and Frances S.

Katherine Kilgore

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of The KUKA Titan

KUKA Titan By:
Frances S.
Katherine K. The KUKA Titan is used for building materials, automotive and foundry industries. It was designed to handle extremely heavy lifting and manipulation applications. The KUKA Titan was created by a team at KUKA GMBH but it is used over seas to carry heavy loads. The maximum reach for this robot is 3202 mm. What task does the robot preform? What human function or task does this robot simulate? Where is the robot used?
What is its work envelope? (How many degrees of freedom or flexible joints does it have?) Is the robotic end effector multifunctional? If so, what other tasks can it preform? This robot can preform many tasks like: assembling, fastening, arc welding, painting, handling, loading, unloading, inserting, and many more. How is the robot taught to perform its task? The robot learns by being hand guided. Each robot has at least seven axes that can be pushed and manipulated by the operator. What sensors does the robot have, and how does the robot use the sensors? The KUKA Titan has a sensor-monitored changeover station that allows the manufacturing system to be loaded and unloaded without interrupting anything. Name some advantages and disadvantages of using a robot to complete this task. It's good for carrying large payloads and is one of the strongest robots in the world. But, the KUKA Titan can cause workers that usually carry all the heavy loads to lose their jobs. It also uses up a lot of energy. Describe the impact that this robot has had or could have on its intended audience The KUKA Titan is an Industrial robot that provides a safe, alternate way to create and develop automobiles. Therefor having a great impact on its intended audience of robotics lovers. What type of jobs/careers can this robot create to provide employment for people? It provides two job opportunities, one being an Application Engineer, and the other being a Field Service Engineer. Both positions are credulous and involve utilizing all KUKA robots. Predict and explain how this robot may be altered to perform more of different tasks in the future. KUKA Industries has already created multiple divisions of KUKA Robots. Some of which include: Welding, Glass, Painting, and many others! We believe the KUKA Titan could be modified to be moved around by wheels, instead of staying stationary on a chain belt. CONCLUSION: What concerns do you have about the future use of robots in our society? I do sometimes worry that humans will become over-dependent on robots. :C

Due to the fact that robots are frequently used today, and new ones are being created at this moment, I am concerned that humans will become too automated, eliminating the need for human interaction, eventually letting the robots replace us! What do you think about, "giving up", control to a machine? That's a difficult question, I think that it would not be wise to give up control to a machine. Think about it. Robotic Engineers usually control their robots by programing it to respond a certain way to a situation/job. What if the Engineers programmed the robots to control themselves and act accordingly? Something could go wrong, and I wouldn't want to risk the chance. Citations "KUKA Titan." KUKA. Web. 1 Jan. <http://www.kuka-robotics.com/en/> "KUKA Titan." Robot Worx. Web. 1 Jan. <http://www.used-robots.com/> Now time for a video... KUKA Titan effortlessly
handling glass... Thanks for Watching! For more amazing KUKA Titan videos, go to YouTube and type it in the search engine!
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