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Adriana Lang

on 20 March 2017

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Transcript of Biomes

The Deciduous Forest
The Tundra is located in the Extreme Northern and South poles
The Taiga is located in the Canada
The Deciduous Forest
The Deciduous Forest is located in the Eastern United States
The Deciduous Forest climate is Temperate not to hot nor to cold
Has comfy fur to keep its self warm
Grows quicker than trees
The climate of the Tundra is Frigid for much of the year
Big Carnivores
Can store food
The climate of the Taiga is long cold winters short summers constant snow cover
Small Herbivores
Can Store Water
Grass Lands
The Grass Lands are located in the Central United States or the Bread Basket
The climate of the Grass Lands is Temperate that has cold winters, warm summers, and uneven precipitation
Grass Lands
Are small enough to fit in old prairie dog burrows
Grass can die and decay witch can fertilize its self
The desert is located in the South Western United States
The climate of the desert is that in the U.S we have cool deserts, it has Milder temperatures compared to the deserts around the world
Hot/Dry Days
Cold Nights
The Giant Saguaro
This cactus holds a lot of water so much u could fill 25 bath tubs
Has dry scaly skin the dry scaly skin holds moisture
Rain Forest
The climate of the Rain Forest is warm, and humid
The location of the Rain Forest is along the equator
Rain Forest
If cut it can squirt poison sap and i has spikes so that no birds or people with climb on it
It has algae to let it camouflage in the canopy
Living Green
Thank You for watching my prezi, I hope you enjoyed it
Adriana Lang
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