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Megan bradin

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Venezuela

Venezuela is one of the larger countries of South America. The capital of Venezuela is Caracas. Many people in Venezuela speak Spanish, which is the official language, but there are many other ethnic languages.
History of Venezuela
Culture of Venezuela
Major bodies of Water
-The Orinoco River is a major river of Venezuela because it divides the country. It is the third longest river in South America.
-Lake Maracaibo is a lake that produces most of the oil, which is a huge natural resource of Venezuela.
Climate of Venezuela
Hot and humid is the normal weather feeling but the actual temperatures are 70s the range is 60s to mid 80s. The yearly rain fall is 11in. coastal and 58in. mountains. In the dry season
where there
can be severe
Economy of Venezuela
-The economy of Venezuela is based on oil production or natural gas.
-Some other natural resources produced in Venezuela are petroleum, iron for steel, gold, bauxite (or other minerals), hydro power, and diamonds.
Interesting Facts
Population: 24,654,694
Transportation: buses, cars, trains, taxi, flights and ferries
Flag: yellow is interpreted as standing for the riches of the land, blue for the courage of its people, and red for the blood shed in attaining independence; the seven stars on the original flag represented the seven provinces in Venezuela that united in the war of independence.
Animals: Capybara; jaguars; and even the rare spectacled bear.
Travel tips: travel to the border with colombia is not advised at all.

Physical Features
-The highest point in Venezuela is Pico Bolívar at 5,007 meters above sea level. It is located in the Andes Mountain range, which is the worlds longest continental mountain range.
Major Locations
-Angel Falls is the largest waterfall in the world located in Venezuela. It is 979 meters, and is a huge tourist attraction.
-Sima Martel (248 meters deep) and Sima Humboldt (314 meters deep) are some of the largest sinkholes you can find. They even have small forests at the bottom.
Major Cities
-Caracas, which is the capital of Venezuela, is one the most populated cities, with around 3,000,000 citizens.
-The next largest city is Maracaibo, which has around 2,250,000 citizens.
-The third largest city is Maracay, with a population of 1,754,256.
Traditional music
Modern music
Usa music

Similar clothing styles to us
Manufacturing and Land Use
-Caracas is home to just slightly under 50% of all of Venezuela's industry.
-Most of Venezuela's land use is in commercial farming.
-There is little slash and burn practice: around 2.85%
-The types of crops grown are permanent crops: 0.71% and other: 96.44%

Major Job Occupations
-The main jobs of Venezuela is in the oil industry, health commerce, and many others.
-The currency used is Bolivars.
92 percent of the population is Roman Catholic
8 percent are members of another religion
Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary;
Birth of Simón Bolívar; Saint Joseph's Day; New Years; Christmas; July 5, Independence Day,; Carnival
Traditional is influenced by its European ancestry. They also have modern food.
Governed by a constitution.
President of Venezuela.
Became a country on July 5, 1811.
Simon Bolivar
Christopher Columbus
Under spanish rule
Thanks for watching now enjoy the Venezuelan treat we brought!! :)

Listen to the difference music one is traditional and the other is modern
Traditional clothing too
FOOD! Yay!
The food prepared for you is a Venezuelan cookie called Polvorones de Canele, Prepared by Eddie.
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