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Solve routine and non-routine problems involving multiplicat

No description

Ian Lopez

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of Solve routine and non-routine problems involving multiplicat

Solve the following problems:
Nena put 6 pictures in each page of her album. Fifteen pages of her album are full. The 16th page only has 3. Her album as 20 pages. How many more pictures does she need to fill up the album?
In the class of Miss Sanchez, there were 17 girls. There were 3 less than twice as many boys. Then 3 pupils left and 2 new ones come. How many pupils are now in the class of Miss Sanchez?
Four persons can sit at a square table. How many persons can sit at three square tables placed end-to-end?
Solve the following in groups.
1. One morning, Marco collected 4 sea shells while Ely collected 5 sea shells. If they collected the same number of shells everyday, how many shells would the two boys have in 9 days.

2. Nilo bought 8 glasses of buko juice at Php 15.00 each and 10 cupcakes at PhP 5.00 each. How much did Nilo spend?

3. A dozen tops cost PhP 52.00. If Nilo buys 3 dozen tops and pays it for PhP 200.00, how much is his change?

4. Maria has five PhP 50 bills and five PhP 20 bills. If she gave Ian PhP 200, how much would Maria have left?

Answer these questions.
What skills are developed in this session?
What are the concepts connected to the lesson?
In your experiences as Math III teacher, what difficulties did you meet in teaching the skill?
What suggestions/recommendations do you offer to remedy these difficulties?
What new learning have you learned from this session?
What is a routine and non-routine problem?
routine problem
is a type of problem which there is an immediate solution. A
non-routine problem
, on the other hand, is a problem which requires analysis and insights into known principles of Mathematics. It involves difficult problem solving.
How to facilitate comprehension in problem solving in class?
Know reading difficulties.
Unlock new or difficult words for children.
Use problems within the context of children's experiences.
Equip pupils with the necessary Math language like altogether, greater than, less than, twice as much, half as much, etc.
Do not give clue words because when the pupils don't find these, the are lost.
Let pupils make diagrams, sketches, illustrations and put data on them when appropriate.
Give yourself some minutes for personal reflection on your experiences today then you may answer these questions.
1. What improvement will I make to overcome the identified difficult skills?
2. Will I appreciate the insights I've learned from this session? Why?
3. Will I prepare more teaching materials for my class?
4. What necessary remedies will I apply to improve the proficiency level of my class?
Use the suggested group activities in your lesson daily. Make some modifications to arouse the interest of our class in word problem-solving.
Thank you so much!
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