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Bucket list

My top 20 things that i hope to accomplish in my life time.

Jennasey Brechler

on 11 June 2010

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Transcript of Bucket list

My Bucket List Go to london Eat real chinese food Get my own house Get a tatoo of cascading stars on my back starting on my shoulder blades going to my lower back Open a bakery in seattle Get an expensive car Help my mom and dad get a nice house Go to missori to see my nephew Learn to speak German fluently Get Austin a small 50 dirt bike Move away from the city but still live close enough to beable to go shopping Go to Egypt Scuba dive in the great barrer reef Have at least one child (A boy) Get a golden reteriver and name him ducky Meet the president Have a huge party that ends up on the news Go to india and eat the best food there Have at least 20 pairs of shoes at one time Become an amazing cake baker
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