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Vera Brittain

Great War Poets Project

Angie Meitzler

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Vera Brittain

Vera Brittain Born in Newcastle Under Lyme on December 29th, 1893 she grew very close with her younger brother, Edward.
She attended St. Monica’s School at Kingswood in Surrey in 1907 and was encouraged by her schools headmistress to study current events. She took Vera to a women's sufferage meeting which is said to have been where she developed her first ideas of feminism. Your battle-wounds are scars upon my heart,
Received when in that grand and tragic 'show'
You played your part,
Two years ago,

And silver in the summer morning sun
I see the symbol of your courage glow --
That Cross you won
Two years ago.

Though now again you watch the shrapnel fly,
And hear the guns that daily louder grow,
As in July
Two years ago.

May you endure to lead the Last Advance
And with your men pursue the flying foe
As once in France
Two years ago. Once the war began Vera's brother, Edwar, applied for commisions on the British army with his close friend Roland. Roland was sent to the Western Front in 1915.While Roland was on leave in August, he and Vera got engaged.
Isolated from the war, Vera decided to leave Oxford to become a VAD nurse. She began nursing, in June 1915, at the Devonshire Hospital, and was transferred to a military. On 26 December 1915, while waiting for Roland to arrive home on leave, Vera learned that he had been killed in France by a German sniper.
In September, Vera was given her first posting in Malta. While there she learned of the death of another close friend and of the blinding of Victor Richards. Vera decided to return to England to marry and care for Richardson, but he died two weeks after she arrived home.
She requested VAD service, and was sent to 24 General Hospital where she nursed German prisoners of war.
Once being called home to look after her family she learned of her brother, Edward's death , on 15th June 1918. Vera's Works
Her First published novel was The Dark Tide in 1923, which was followed by a sequal.
In 1933, Vera published her most popular book, Testament of Youth, which is a memoir of her war experience, and about the deaths of her brother, fiancé, and their friends.
Honourable Estate, a book dramatising the recent history of the women’s movement, was published in 1936.
Vera also travelled the country campainging for Pleace Pledge Union.
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