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karly.lockhart.occupations Mrs. Roulston

No description

Karly Lockhart

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of karly.lockhart.occupations Mrs. Roulston

By: Karly Lockhart What it is Like Being a Sailor Sailors can work on Freighters, Tankers and Passenger Ships. The jobs they do at sea are standing watch, steer the ship, and follow instructions from the officer on watch. A sailor has to be qualified to be in charge of lifeboat crews and be familiar with fire safety and fire- fighting regulations. Job Description for a Sailor In 2004 a sailor on a freighter ship gets paid approximately 14 dollars an hour. All pilots, Captains and crew are paid $24.20 an hour, experienced captains get paid more then 35 dollars an hour. Sometimes a sailor can get paid 100-200k per year depending on how much they work, what ship they are on and their position on the ship. Salary of a Sailor To be a sailor you don't need any formal education. An experienced sailor is called an able seaman. An able seaman needs to know how to handle all the gear and equipment, they also need to know all parts of the ship and how to tie rope knots. A sailor also needs to be qualified to be in charge of lifeboat and be familiar with fire safety and fire fighting regulations. Most sailors also have trades, such as carpentry that helps them maintain the ships. Does a sailor need an education? To be a Sailor you have to learn to be very open because on ships it is very cramped and there isn't a lot of privacy.
Being a sailor is very risky. They are open to weather issues, falls, collisions, fire and sinking. You have to be prepared for anything.
When applying to be a sailor you have to be ready when they call you because the job will go to the best and most qualified sailor to apply.
If you want to be a sailor it will be hard to have a family because you could be out at sea for long periods of time. Being a Navy Seal they are out at sea for long amounts of time, so sometimes they miss their child's birth or watching their child grow up.
Extra Fact about Sailors State University, "Sailor Job Description, Career as a Sailor, Salary, Employment - Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the job." StateUniversity.com. n.p. n.d. March 7 2013. Works Cited Page Pictures
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