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No description

molly kalous

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Unicorns

they ARE real! U Descriptions of a unicorn - A horse with a pointy horn in its head.

- some people say unicorns have wings but the traditional unicorn has no wings.

- the traditional unicorn is white, although many people say they can come in a variety of colors but the only other colors that they might come in would be the colors of an average horse, not the rainbows people talk about. SPOTTED These are pictures of unicorns that were spotted within the last 5 years History The first legends of unicorns were mostly told in Europe and parts of Asia and were later brought to north africa. Origin: Quebec
Year: 2007 N I C O R N s Over time many legends of these creatures have been changed so they have to do with princesses, royalty, or fantasy type settings. No one is sure when the ledgends began but we think it was somewhere around 1100 to 1700 B.C Also the Bible mentions unicorns! the Bible refers to unicorns in the context of other familiar animals such as peacocks, lambs, lions, and camels etc. in Job 39:9-12 The bible also describes unicorns "skipping like calves" in Psalm 29:6 Scientists in North Korea are investigating a potetial
discovery of a Unicorn nest or den, they discovered horns that may have once belong to a unicorn and have footage of horses (both with and without horns) going into the den... Unicorns have been discovered all over the world. they aren't magical like in the stories but that doesn't mean that they don't exist! Biologists, scientists, and veterinarians all over the world show that unicorns DO exist, they are simply horses that have some other genetic in them that causes them to grow the horn to some it's a deformation to others its one of the beauty's of nature. THE END! The skeleton of a Unicorn was found and is in a german museum today The skeleton of a unicorn was found 5 years ago, i was unable to track it's current location down though. More about Unicorns The are pretty much the same as horses. No one has attempted to ride one, yet but that dose'nt mean it wont happen in the future. some of the only differences are ,a unicorn has a horn ,and are relatively larger and faster than most average horses. if you'd like to check for yourself go to:


or look it up on google
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