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Mt. Kilauea

No description

Madeleine Student

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Mt. Kilauea

Mt. Kilauea
By Oscar Boots

Type of Volcano
Mt. Kilauea is a shield volcano
What is a shield volcano
broad sloped sides
shaped like a shield

Eruption History
Formed 300,000-600,000 years
active still
main areas: summit 2 rift zones
more eruptions on rift zones

In state Hawaii
on Island Hawai'i
known as the "Big Island"
southern part of Hawai'i
How it affects us
lava that flows from kilauea destoyed 2 towns
cut a highway on the east part of Hawai'i
lava going into the sea caused island to grow
How it affects the weather
increased amounts of particles and fumes have affected agriculture
interfeared with wind making area aroun it poisonous
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