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About volcano and earth

thames thames

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Volcanos

By Frankie Kuo
Volcano are a big mountain which lava comes out.
How the volcano formed?
What is lava?
Why did volcano make big smoke?
Where is lava come from?
Lava is hot liquid rock that exist in the central of the earth.
What is inside the Earth?
The Earth is made up of several layers.
The inner core is the hottest place, it can be 3,000°C.
Some volcano is made by two lands which squeezed each other, then it forms a mountain, we call it volcano. Sometimes the lava in the central of the Earth will come out through it.
Lava is a kind of liquid rock which is very hot, and almost can burn every thing in the world. Lava can even cook us, because its temperature can up to 1200°C. When lava come out of the volcano, it cool and become hard.
When the lava comes out, its high temperature will make
the water nearby the top of the volcano become vapor soon,
and make big smokes!
Melted rock to the surface of the Earth, it cools down and becomes solid within the crust. We live on the earth's crust.
How is the Outer core created?
The outer core is created because in outer space is very cold so it will be freezed.
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