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City to Mega City

No description

Jonathan Chung`

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of City to Mega City

City to Mega City
As a Neighborhood Resident, I agree with this idea:
Easier to find jobs, if the city will expand for example construction, owner of small buisness
Everything is more convenient because there will be more stores, restaurants, super markets, hospitals, and libraries
More convenient to find a good school for my child
Don't have to take transit everyday because everything is more closer, less traffic, and I don't need to wake up too early
Problem & Solution
Neighborhood Resident's View
In my opinion, as part of the government I disagree with this idea.
Lack of open space
Large cost in materials
A lot of time is needed for constructing new buildings and expanding the city
Even though the process of expanding the city is occuring it's not guaranteed that everyone in the local area will get a job
During the construction period, loud noises my disturb the neighborhood residents
The Government's View
Increase the number of people therefore also increasing the number of consumers too.
More efficient to buy food items
More markets in the area
The cost in delivering food is cheaper because everything is closer.
Easier to hire people to help out in the restaurant.
Restaurant Owner's View
Taxi Traffic In Different Areas!
Taxi Driver's View
Increase in traffic
Hard to compete with other taxi companies
Less parking spaces
Kids crossing the street from time to time
Problem: Lack of jobs in this area
Solution: Expanding the city therefore effecting the number of jobs in this area and the number of people in the city.
Map of restaurants in this area
As a restaurant owner, I would agree with this idea:
Why is this issue relevant to you as
a stakeholder?
When I drive around the
area I see more jobs compared to the number of houses.
Map of the distance between our neighborhood area and downtown Toronto
As a taxi driver, I disagree with this idea:
People who agree include:
restuarant owners and neighborhood residents .
People who disagree include:
taxi drivers and the government.
In conclusion:
As a group we agree to the idea of expanding the city so the number of jobs in this area and the number of people in the city will increase.
Map of Houses in the

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