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Business Plan:

No description

Cheng Wing Tung

on 3 August 2015

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Transcript of Business Plan:

Female office workers would eat food with high quality to relief their pressure
Violet Soup
Scone with Low Fat Flower Jam
(Peach with Sakura Jam)
“Choose Your Own” Salad
(Pick either two from three flowers)
Squash Blossom Pizza
Business Plan:
Diet and Fleur de Vie
By Diet and...

Diet and ...
Goals and Objectives
To achieve break-even in FY1 and generate 50% profit for daily operation in FY2
Diet and Fleur de Vie
Our Target Market
Juffy 2958866
Katherine 2958206
Jayla 2958218
Hill 2963169

Change is Opportunity
Operation &
We strive to explore major social issues in daily eating habits and local F&B industry, and find sustainable innovative solutions to make social changes
To promote healthy lifestyle and maintain balanced diet habits
Quick pace of living in Hong Kong foster high consumption from fast food outlets
What is the problem?
79% of people aged 18-64 failed to meet WHO's daily fruit and vegetable intakes amount while 84.4% of them were clerks
Lack of effective promotion on balanced diet and healthy eating habits by Government
Organic food is 30-40% higher price than non-organic food
To seek opportunity and create social impact by fulfilling the market gap
To improve local F&B industry with collaboration of local associations and organizations
fast food
Our Pop-up Restaurant in Theater Lane, Central during 3-7 Aug, 2015
Female office clerk aged at 18-35
Long working hours
Unhealthy lifestyle with unbalanced eating habit and inadequate physical exercise
High level of stress from work and family
Supplier of Flowers and Vegetable:
- Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Organic Farm at Yuen Long
(USDA organic cert. holder)
The language of flowers from Violet in French:
To enhance social engagement and quality of life through educational campaigns and projects
To improve the quality of Hong Kong F&B by launching social projects and co-operating other related industries
To increase 3% of local agricultural production in existing supply market within 3 years
Franchising Exit Strategy
(After achieving break-even point)
→ Gain the capital to innovate the next business project

Stimulation of Local Industry

→ Co-operate with local farms to provide the ingredients e.g. flowers and vegetable
→ Boost local production and the development of agriculture industry
Poster Advertisement at MTR Station
Guerrilla Marketing
Social Media Advertising
Magazine Advertising
Provision of Healthy Fast Food Restaurants
--> Provide another healthy dinning choice
--> Offer healthy balanced meals

Enhancement of Locals' Quality of Life
--> Change public's perception on organic food
--> Promote balanced diet habits
--> Improve public's health
Encouragement of Planting in the Hustle and Bustle
--> Motivate public to plant via "Sky Farming"
--> Spread healthy lifestyle
Sky Farming
Cooperate with the
local rooftop farm:
Hong Kong Farm Org.
(Yau Ma Tei)
Symbol of
Cleanse of soul;
Circulation of life;
Continuation of life
Customers could enjoy the SKY FARMING campaign and plant for free with their invoice of our restaurant
Local Organic food
→ Reduce CO2 emission from logistic via airplane

Effective Waste Management
→ Cooked food > Donate for fertilizer
--> Recycle water that used for flower &
vegetable washing > Donate to supplier for planting

Environmentally-friendly Action
--> Provide takeaway box that could be reusable
--> Use biodegradable takeaway tableware
- Target Central Business District (CBD)
Easy to access
Closer to target market

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Action Plan to Promote Healthy Diet and Physical Activity Participation in Hong Kong
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Ten ways to build an eco-friendly restaurant
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Major Equipment & Facilities Required
- Rental shop
- Cook wares & bake wares
- Logistic team for transporting food ingredients
- Restaurant License

VC : Food cost, wage, rental equipment
FC : Land cost , capital, machinery
Sales: 80%profit of each items
breakeven point

Invested capital from our partnership: HKD$ 80,000
Pop-up restaurant total expenditure: HKD$ 254,060
Projected business plan total expenditure: HKD$ 762,180
Sales of Meals
Total Revenue:
Marketing Cost
Equipment Cost
Food Production Cost
Human Resources Cost
Total Expense:
Net Income:
HKD$ 50
HKD$ 54
HKD$ 133,720
HKD$ 133,720
HKD$ 254,060
HKD$ 150,000
HKD$ 26,370
HKD$ 70,490
HKD$ 7,200
-HKD$ 120,340
Funding Request
Income Statement of Pop-up Restaurant
HKD$ 1,016,240
(Size: 150 feet)
(Size: 450 feet)
Break-even Analysis
Social Return on Investment

Throw into the economy

Stimulate the whole F&B industry

Both supplier and provider

Increase local production and GDP
Meal A: 13.860
Meal B: 10,890
Ice Lolly: 594
Sushi: 1,188
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