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Fountas & Pinnell

No description

Emily Rutherford

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Fountas & Pinnell

Fountas & Pinnell
leveled literacy intervention
Who are Fountas and Pinnell?
-Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell both worked in Reading Recovery and in 1996 started working on their own literacy program. They knew "it was essential to match books to readers and to provide differentiated instruction through working with small groups in reading" (Fountas, 1. and Pinnel, G. S., 2012).
-Still adding, changing, and makig better today
This program is designed for mainly small group. Its intention is to find areas of trouble early before they become significant problems. Independent and instructional reading levels are determined. When a problem is found, there are techniques used in order to help that specific problem.

Professional Books
Classroom Resources
-Classroom Resources
-Professional Books
-running records
-guide for teachers how to analyze running records and forms
-case study section; "When readers struggle."
-technology data management
-seven continua focusing on an area of language arts curriculum
-designed for planning group instruction
-seventh is the Guided Reading continuum
-how to implement phonics
-readers notebooks

-reading, writing, and phonics/word study
-comprehension and expanding vocab strategies
-designed for small group
-tools t communicate with parents
-technology for record keeping and to track progress
The Continuum of Literacy Learning
Genre Study: Teaching with Fiction and Nonfiction Books
Interactive Writing
Literacy Beginnings
-observe, teach, and support
-inquiry-based learning
-strategies for very young learners
-teaching ideas for struggling students
-benchmark assessment (A-N)....... $375
(first grade, B-K)........................ $1,089.00
-GREEN 1 (25 books)..............$302.50
-Leveled Literacy Intervention; level Q (books, bags, markers, etc.)........$4750.00
-pack of 4 little books.......$22-$38
-ipad apps $15.99

orange: A-E
green: B-K
blue: C-N
red: L-Q

Fountas & Pinnell literacy: Elevating teacher expertise. (2014). Retrieved September 14, 2014, from http://www.heinemann.com/fountasandpinnell/default.aspx
Fountas & Pinnell leveled books website. (2014). Retrieved September 14, 2014, from http://www.fountasandpinnellleveledbooks.com
Thomas. (2007). Fountas and Pinnell – early literacy experts offer new reading intervention program [blog post]. Retrieved from http://www.openeducation.net/2009/05/15/fountas-and-pinnell-early-literacy-experts-offer-new-reading-intervention-program/
-"Students serviced with LLI grew, on average, 3.4 benchmark levels in reading. Students who
were not serviced with LLI grew, on average, 1.7 benchmark levels in reading" Odell (2012)
-based off schools in GA and NY, after 38 days kindergartners exposed went up 1.56 benchmark levels, not exposed 0.78, fewer gains seen with DIBELS (Ransford-Kaldon, 2010)
-South Carolina 105 second graders BELOW reading level, after 18 weeks 66% were reading at a 2nd grade level
-Atlantic City (including ELLs) 337 students 3% not at grade level, after 45% at grade level (gains in word recognition, letter naming, and decoding) (Heinemann, 2003)
Theory: Constructivism
".... students learn best from
figuring things out themselves
from reading, rather than from the explicit instruction a teacher might provide....In their plan, much of the teacher’s work is devoted to accomplishing an appropriate placement of students in texts" (Shanahan, 2012).
-the books gradually get harder, allowing students to enjoy the reading they are doing
-some mini lessons but less direct instruction
bring students up to grade level reading in 14 to 18 weeks
Engage in leveled literacy intervention training at Lesley University. (2014). Retrieved September 25, 2014, from http://www.lesley.edu/leveled-literacy-intervention-training/
-designed to close achievement gap
-paired with reading recovery enhances outcome
-30 minute lessons/5 days a week
Literacy Collaborative Model
-whole school
-tiered instruction
-"comprehensive instructional literacy framework"
-includes reading/writing workshop, guided reading, and language and word study
1.reading recovery
2.leveled literacy intervention
I've learned...

-always a 'bad' side
-ask for samples
-WHY it works

Odell, K. (2012)The effects of Fountas & Pinnell's leveled literacy intervention on kindergarten students reading below grade level. Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville MO.
Ransford-Kaldon, C., Flynt, S., Ross, C., Franceschini, L., Zoblotsky, T., Huang, Y., and Gallagher, B. (2010) Implementation of effective intervention: An empirical study to
evaluate the efficacy of Fountas & Pinnell’s leveled literacy intervention system (LLI). Retrieved September 25, 2014 from http://www.memphis.edu/crep/pdfs/lli-efficacy.pdf
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