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Julie Chiem

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

What is Bullying?
Julie, Akshpreet, Harman, Simi, Natalie
Bullying is a pattern of being unwelcomed or aggressive behaviour because of their appearance, culture, race or religion
Socially emotional
There are different types of bullying...
Effects of Bullying

The effects on the person being bullied are:

-Loss of self-esteem
-Missing school
-Loneliness & social anxiety

The effects on the person who is bullying are:
-Sexual harassment
-Dating aggression
-Alcohol or drug use
-Gang involvement

Risk Factors
Risk factors for people being bullied:
-Low self-esteem
-Less popular than others
-Have overprotective parents

Risk factors of the bully:
-Siblings who may bully the child
-Parents who show power or aggression to the child
-Parents who show power or aggression with each other
-Trouble standing up to peer pressure

Why you shouldn't bully?
-Leads to things such as suicide, self-harm, and depression
-Hurts other people and you don't want people to bully you either
-It will lower other people's self-esteem
-Could make parents overly protective in the future

-It excludes people from everyone else
How to prevent bullying?
Don't be a bystander, if you see bullying do something about it!
Gain confidence to the person who is bullying you!
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