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The end of the world

No description

Rafael Mirzoev

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of The end of the world

What happens before!!!
A big storm around the world Minuwaltetrus awakes 5 legendarily monsters.
These are: Gigantus: the king of the ground, Luperus: master of water, Minetaurus: the plants king, Levania: king of the air and Kupirusus: the ice monster.
The story of Denny
Denny was a poor boy that had nothing and his father and mother died. He lived by his uncle and his uncle was the manager of a small city. Once a monster attacked the city and there was a earthquake. His uncle needed somebody that tells it to the king of the land that was far away Danny wanted to go but his uncle said no. But then he said yes but be careful because nobody else could.
The way to the capital city
Danny was thirsty and did n´t had anything to eat. He needed so much he thought. But when he wen´t the next step he saw the city. He ran as fast as he could because he was thirsty. When he came he drunk water and went to the King. The King was speaking with his principal wizard Holderious. When Danny went in the room the King called soldiers to pick him in the jail. But Holderious said that they should stop. The king asked why? He answered because he is the son of Banderous. Who is Banderous Danny asked? Is he my Father? I never saw my Father. Holderious said yes he is.
The way to the capital city 2
So you are

Banderous son. You are strong enough to beat Gigantus. Danny said you mean the Gigantus monster. Yes this Gigantus monster. But how I don´t even have a sword, a map that shows me where he is a shield and a horse. That is all what we will give you said Holdorious. Are you going to do it now the King asked? Yes and the last thing before he went out of the room was scratches are ok solong I have blood in my veins I will carry on for Minuwaltetrus.
The end of the world
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