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Between shades of Gray

No description

Zulidey Maqueda

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Between shades of Gray

Between shades of gray By~ Ruta Sepetys
Lina and her family are taken away by NKVD officers. her mother, brother, and her are taken to a work camp; he father is sent to a prison.
She draws on anything she can find, then passes her drawings on; in hope they will reach her father.
They must survive the climate, and live of little food.
She can only hope to get out alive, and go back home, with her family.
Lina Vilkas
Lina is 15 years old, tall, blonde, and lean.
She is a student, and an amazing artist.
Her father is accused of an accessory; therefore her family is split.
Now she must work in a labor camp, without a choice.
She continues to draw, hoping, her drawings will reach her fathers prison.
Love and hope possess her; giving her a motive to withstand each day.
Andrius Arvydas
Minor character
Andrius is 17 years old. He has dark cinnamon colored hair, blue eyes, and is tall.
He cares for Lina's mother and brother, by bringing them food.
He fell in love with Lina, and was a major reason, why she fought to survive.
In exchange for his life, his mother had to sleep with the NKVD guards.
Andrius is loving and protective; he fights for what he loves.
Kostas Vilkas
Kostas Vilkas is Lina's father.
He was put on the deportee list, for being an "accessory,"(person who helps others flee.)
He is the major reason Lina has hope, and continues to draw.
He spoke to Lina once through a crack in the train, and sent love out to his family.
Kostas was sent to a prison in Krasnoyarsk; where he was shot and killed.
NKVD Guards
Narodnyy komissariat vnutrennikh del, worked under Josef Stalin's rule.
They executed, starved, and tortured prisoners in camps/ prisons.
They had no respect or mercy towards prisoners.
They were all Russian, part of the Soviet's secret police.
Labor camps and prisons
Major conflicts
Along with other prisoners Lina had to find food , and shelter to have energy.
People started dying due to artic temperatures, diseases, and little food.
The Vilkas receive information that Kostas is dead;leaving them with little aspiration to live.
Kretzsky breaks down crying, seeking forginess in Lina and the others.
Elena Vilkas dies in Jonas' arms, leaving LIna and Jonas alone.
After Kretzsky slurred out his life, he disappeared; no one heard of him after that night.
Within days a doctor came and asked for every prisoner to be treated with immediate care, so they were.
NIkolai Kretzsky had called the inspector, so he could save the lives of the priosners. This was Kretzsky's way of seeking forgiveness; it was the least he could do, to cover up his flaws.
Lina realized there was good in everyone, and that even on the darkest days, the sun can shine.
The theme of the story is hope; no matter how dark the days may seem, there is hope the sun will return someday.
Lina never lost hope, that she would go back home.
She fought 12 years of suffering, in hope to reunite her family, and go back home.
Although she will return with two dead bodies, she is glad her family, will finally be together.
Lina never lost hope in Andrius; they were separated , but they found there way back to each other, and married.
Her love for drawing, her family, and Andrius; kept her alive.
She never lost hope, so she saw the sun rays again.
The Baltic states
Located states are located in Northern- Central Europe
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
They were all taken prisoners by Stalin in 1941, and did not gain there independence from the U.S.S.R until 1991.
josef stalin era
Stalin was leader of the Soviet Union from 1922-1952.
He was a communist.
During his reign he killed over 20 million people.
Josef Stalin was the most feared man in Russia.
Nikolai Kretzsky
Minor character
Nikolai Kretzsky is about 20 years old, he is tall, and blond; He is a NKVD guard.
He helps the Vilkas, by giving them information, extra food, and protection.
Kretzsky called the inspector; saving the prisoners lives.
Elena Vilkas
Elena Vilkas is Lina's mother.
She is offered extra food/shelter if she translated for the NKVD, but she rejects their offer.
Elena cared for eveyone and shared food with them too.
She always gave up food or such, in order to feed Jonas and Lina.
She too desired to have Kostas back in her arms; reuniting her family.
Elena received help from Kretzsky, and was the only one who sawthe good in him.
She died in Jonas' arms, due to the paralyzing temperatures of Siberia.
Setting- Siberia and Krasnoyarsk. (1941- 1950's)
Lina, Elena, and Jonas Vilkas were sent to labor camps; where they had to work all day for a small ration of bread.
Along with other prisoners, they suffered from starvation, and diseases.
Kostas Vilkas was sent to a prison, there is no information on what he did there.

The Journey
The map shows a small portion of the journey, Lina had with her mother and brother
12 years imprisoned.
Jonas Vilkas
Jonas Vilkas is Lina's brother.
He is 11 years old, blond, and tall.
He chops wood in the camps, and gives his rations to Elena.
Jonas matures rapidly, and looks up to Andrius.
He becomes the protector of Elena and Lina.
Jonas keeps his mom warm, by hugging her; Elena soon dies in his arms.
Work Cited
Sepetys, Ruta. Between Shades of Gray. New York: Philomel, 2011. Print.
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Between shades of gray
~ Ruta Sepetys
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