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Canada Kirstin

No description

r g

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Canada Kirstin

capitol: canada major geographic regions: climate: population: special foods poutine beaver tails tourtiere 34,030,589 ottowa varies from temerature in
the south to subarctic and
arctic in the north holidays Boxing Day is the day after
christmas and comes from
an old british tradition of
giving boxed presents to
servants and the poor. Canada Day
is july first and celebrated by everyone in the country. International Museum
Day is celebrated every
may eighteenth and
museums across canada
prepare activities to
celebrate the role museums
play in preserving their diverse
heritage;to know where they are
and what brings them together language french and english . The french
and english both settled there in
canadian history and this influenced
what language they speak Sports one sport that is commonly known
in canada is hockey. An example of
a well known hockey team is the
vancouver canucks. important rules for proper etiquette and customs: your fork is held
in your left hand
and your knife in
the right wait to be shown
to your seat do not begin eating
until the hostess starts
do not rest your
elbows on the
table refuse a drink or food
is acceptable without
an explanation
places Niagara Falls one of the seven wonders
of the world and also is a
popular waterfall. stanley park known as the largest
park in canada Chinatown
largest chinatown in canada.
cantose and mandarin are the
the main tongues of all
vancouver families making
chinese biggest minority ethnic
community government canada is a parliamentary democracy governer-general:
Michaelle prime minister:
Stephen Harper Monarche:
queen Elizabeth 11 economy a candian dollar
is called le dollar livings:
the country is a leader in agriculture therefore farmers grow wheat, barley, and a variety of fruits and vegetables.
most people in the atlantic providence earn a living by fishing translations

hello=salut (saloo)

goodbye=au revoir
(oh rev-wahr)

french fries topped with
cheese curds and covered
in gravy french candian
meat pie fried dough topped with
cinnamon, chocolate, maple
syrup, apples, and bananas. st.lawrence
river plain
makenzie mount
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