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Exploring how Nationwide uses SEM to enhance its brand

Group B

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Nationwide

Finally Industry "Nationwide is on your side." Nationwide "It's all about the people." Results after 90 days... Nationwide & AdSitelinks 3 Primary SEM Goals
Acquire new customers
Direct users to "brick-and-mortar" agent locations
Reinforce Nationwide's branding initiatives AdSitelinks CTR
by 73% CTR
73% Conversion
60% Ad Sitelinks helped Nationwide understand why users searched for their brand, plus it revealed details about exactly what they are looking for. HOW?
Provides more links to specific content
Directs users to your main page + additional URLs
Only appears for 'best' result for a search query
Most likely to appear for searches for unique brand terms for top-ranked ads with higher quality scores

Adds value to existing Adwords ads
Creates richer, more relevant ads
Points to specific information
On average, advertisers benefit from 30% CTR increase Be specific

Think regionally

Include negative words

Include 'Nationwide'?

Survey client

Study clients' values The Text Ad Key Words "Get a Quote" Measuring Success - Google Analytics + Client Analysis Controlling Cost Can Google get you a better car insurance deal? "We want to help users find the best car insurance in the fairest and most honest way possible and above all while respecting their privacy." “Branded keywords are Nationwide's lowest-cost, highest-converting terms, and those are the clicks you want to be sure to capture.” "We will not steer users to low quality plans. We will asks users to make choices up front. We Will monitor insurers to prevent them from quoting a higher price once users leave the Google site, using 'Provider Code of Conduct'. We will not share customer information." "Save with Nationwide"
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