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life of a farmer

by logan dedmon

Jaci Howard

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of life of a farmer

Life of an
What Farmers Grew
Farmers grew things like wheat,
fruit trees.
Egyptian Farmer
Where Farmers Grew
Farmers grew all along the Nile
so that when it flooded it was
watered and it made good soil.
Farming Season
The farming seasons lasted all
year long. There were three that
were called inundation,
emergence,and harvest.
By Logan Dedmon
Farming Tools
The basic farming tools were winnowing
scoops,hoes,rakes,flat-bladed sickles and
plows.They also used shadufs.
How their houses were
The houses were made out of mud bricks
and the windows were high for privacy and
so heat could escape.The floors were made
with packed dirt.
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