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The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

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Meldisa Muharemovic

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

What The Heck Is This ?
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858 were a series of seven debates between Abraham Lincoln, the Republican candidate, and the incumbent Stephen A. Douglas, a Democrat, for an Illinois seat in the United States Senate. At the time, U.S. Senators were elected by state legislatures; However, Lincoln and Douglas were campaigning for their respective parties to win control of the Illinois legislature. The debates previewed the issues that Lincoln would face in the 1860 presidential election. The main issue discussed in all seven debates was slavery.

Why Should We Care ?
The Lincoln Douglas Debates of 1858 were the first debates between US senate candidates in American history. The debates made Lincoln's career in the new Republican Party and identified him as the front runner for the Presidential nod. More importantly he was able to stake out a moderate position compared to the abolitionists that benefited him in 1860. On the other hand, Douglas soured his Presidential chances with his "Free port Doctrine" - that territories could exclude slavery from its territory in spite of the Dred Scott decision by not enacting supporting legislation - a position that displeased Southerners and split the Democratic Party in 1860.
Lincoln and Douglas had debates all over the state of Illinois
First Debate: Washington Square, Ottawa, Illinois- August 21, 1858
Second Debate: Freeport, Illinois-August 27, 1858
Third Debate: Jonesboro, Illinois- September 15, 1859
Fourth Debate: Charleston, Illinois - September 18, 1858
Fifth Debate: Galesburg, Illinois- October 7, 1858
Sixth Debate: Quincy, Illinois- October 13, 1858
Seventh Debate; Alton, Illinois- October 13, 1858
Who Was Involved ?
Two politicians from Illinois, attracted the attention of a nation. From August 21, until October 15, Stephen Douglas battled Abraham Lincoln in face to face debates around the state.
Answer This !
What were Abraham Lincoln and Stephan Douglas debating for ?
Where was the second debate held?
Seats in the US Senet
Freeport, Illinois
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