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"TrainTrip" by Ernest Hemingway

No description

Brandon Krom

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of "TrainTrip" by Ernest Hemingway

Short Story

Time Period:
unknow and this story was never published.
Basic Info
Elements of a Short Story
A father and son go on train trip to Canada together. When on the train they find out that there are two criminals on the train. The criminals stab a guard and escapes. The conflict is that the father witnesses a crime but doesn't say anything about it.
the theme of the story is that a witness should not remain silent.
The father is someone well known and friendly but confused about his part in the crime on the train. Jimmy is a boy that thinks he knows what life and family is all about, but his father tries to teach him what he believes is the truth.
Point of View:

the story is written from the first person point of view of Jimmy.
Setting: the story takes place on a train headed to Canada.

Literary Techniques
Life Experience
"To me this was another autobiographical incident possibly between Hemingway and his father. Some of these images seem to foreshadow the suicidal tendencies that seem to have been part of the Hemingway's legacy."

Brandon Krom
"A Train Trip"
"I heard the train and then saw it coming...moving with the hills and the hill smoving with the trees"
"clear spring water with a brown swamp bottom and there was a mist over the center of the swamps".
"I felt my shoes full of it. It was very warm and thick. It was just like water in your rubber boots when we go duck hunting except it was warm and thicker and smoother"
"Blood is thicker than water. That's the first proverb you run up against when you lead an active life."
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