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Enhancing Active Listening Skills

A Prezi on enhancing active listening skills, as relayed during the COE Finance Leadership Academy presentation.

Deep Thinker

on 21 July 2011

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Transcript of Enhancing Active Listening Skills

Enhancing Active Listening Skills Active Listening Listener taking efforts and action to understand the speaker Making a conversation 'warm' makes the speaker more comfortable. 'Chillers' alienate others. Use warmers during a conversation Chillers Warmers Leading with "no"
Saying"Don't bother about that"
Comparing to previous failures- "Thats exactly like..."
Using absolute words like 'always' or 'never' Asking if they need help
Providing actionable solutions
Using 'we' instead of 'you'
Clarifying doubts
Showing interest Probe for further analysis "Why?" Display: Make conversations warm Attentiveness Objectivity Elicit Patience Empathy Watch your body language and tone They too can act as warmers Inquiry How to actively listen Understanding the speaker's situation Probing for furthur information to show that you're listening Not interrupting and allowing the speaker to complete their thoughts Remaining open to ideas posed by the speaker Displaying interest in the speaker's ideas High Gain Question You obtain quality information Thought provoking Targeted Visual to receive related information "What else?" High Gain Question Low Gain Question What needs exist for your business? High Gain Question If you had an additional $500 K in your budget, what problem would you address and why? Speaker feels encouraged and considers issues from a different perspective, getting a better product Tip Silence Use silence as a powerful tool.
Pause before responding. That way you ensure that your speaker has finished their thoughts, and they may also add in extra information to fill the silence. Active listeners benefit Complete tasks accurately and efficiently Provide guidance Build trust with colleagues by being able to: Active listening allows ideas to get across: Faster Economically More efficiently Rephrase Paraphrase Summarize Confirm by rephrasing Show the speaker what you understood by reflecting on what they said for better understanding for the speaker and listener "Let me make sure I understand that last statement..." for re-examination to correct misunderstanding "To sum up, what I understand is..." Listen! Thank you for your attention Hearing The act of the ear perceiving sound Noise Listening The act of the brain processing all the information heard Words processed Information understood Listening = Learning Don't just hear. Listen Listening The act of the brain processing all the information heard Words processed Information understood Listening is great. Active listening is even better Words processed Information understood Taking efforts to get more information
Better results Active learning Ask questions Clarify to confirm that you understand "Have I heard you right?" which will give you lots more information than low gain questions. Ask high gain questions, Open ended So... Summary Display empathy, objectivity, patience and attentiveness

Ask high gain questions

Probe, elicit and clarify details

Paraphrase and summarize themes

Avoid chillers and include warmers

Use silence to your advantage "Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble" -Frank Tyger Listening is different from hearing. And I'm sure you'll
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