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Hardships of the Vietnam War

No description


on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Hardships of the Vietnam War

Hardships of the Vietnam War
Troops in Vietnam faced many hardships throughout the war.
Troops were forced to cope with the deaths of their close friends due to not only battle but diseases.
Troops were forced to leave their families and go great lengths of time without communicating with them.
Troops were forced to fight through really horrible conditions in terms of weather and the things they had to eat to maintain their health.
Troops were forced to cope with deaths of numerous close friends made throughout the war. Soldiers were afraid to get close with one another because of this issue. U.S. military personnel died of diseases because they hadn't built up the same immunities the Vietcong had to their environment. Even the smallest things such as eating food you have never seen before or drinking something you had never consumed could give you severe illnesses. Another big one not many people know about is sexually transmitted diseases. Troops would get lonely and engage in excessive contact with Vietnamese women who carried the diseases.
In the Vietnam War, troops were forced to fight through wretched conditions both by weather and by maintaining a decent diet. In
Fallen Angels
, the men eat the same frozen meatloaf everyday with an occasional spaghetti and carrots. Knowing they couldn't go out to find Vietnamese food was nothing less than irritating because (as previously stated,) they knew they could end up eating something that could literally poison them. Soldiers were forced to fight and patrol through extreme heat and storms because the fighting never stopped; the Vietcong were used to the weather just like they were immune to certain diseases and illnesses because it was where they had lived all their lives, they had adapted to the poor conditions while the U.S. troops had not.
All in all, the Vietnam War was a pretty bad situation to be in. Hardly anyone wanted to be involved in it, let alone fight in it themselves. Walter Dean Myers does a fantastic job of showing us this through his descriptiveness of realistic events and and guiding us through the hardships faced by the U.S. military personnel who were involved in the tragedy of the Vietnam War.
Name: Bryan Peters

Another hardship of war for most people was having to leave their families. Most men who were in the war were there because they were drafted, not do to their own choice. This made them hate the war that much more than they already did before, as if fighting for your life wasn't bad enough. For Richard Perry in Walter Dean Myers'
Fallen Angels
, this was a tremendously big issue. Perry loved his family and hated being so far away from them and going so long without communicating that he would just break down and start to go crazy, just to get his sense knocked back into him by his fellow troops.
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