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Social Media!

No description

Fredrik Klarqvist

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Social Media!

Ongoing trends...
Vine, Instagram...
Instagram, Pinterest...
Automation tools
Social Videos
Micro video blog
Maximum 6 seconds
Compilation of several (really) short video clips
Owned by Twitter
Photos / Instragram
Ads on Instagram
Sponsored photos
Like / Follow / Comment
Videos & Photos
- Social sharing
- Link baits (great for SEO!)
- Customer engagement

- Inspiration
- Copy-cat
- Sales
- Brand

Copy cat / meme
The "Harlem shake"...
"Link Baits"
1. Create some content (photo, article, video etc)

2. Publish the content in social media

3. Wait for your audience to start writing, re-posting and linking back to you...
The future of the airline web site...
Allows the customer to save money on upgrades, buy empty seats, earn money for changing flights etc...
How does it work?
Complete the booking with the airline
Visit Optiontown.com and retrieve your booking (by PNR)
Pay a "small" (usd 1-3) fee to sign up and buy an upgrade at up to 75% discount
Get your upgrade! Or...get your money back! (excl sign-up fee)
What can it be used for?
Uto - Upgrade Travel Option
ESO - Empty seat option
Preferred seat
Flexibility Reward
Photos / Instagram
1. Monitor your brand/domain/etc #abc
2. Repost it to your official feed @abc
Photos / Instagram
Airlines are (still) slowly changing into

1. Take a photo of your favorite city and tag it with #airlinephotohunt
2. Use Instagram feed on web site, blog etc
Keep an eye on the Instragram blog!
Organize conversations
Emphasize on a topic
Cross social platforms - Instagram, Twitter etc
Privacy settings!
Any tag
Mobile Web?
Social Media - Recap
"User Conference 2012"
Monitor & Measure
Engage &
The future of the airline web site...
What has REALLY changed?
1. Origin/Destination
2. Display Availability
3. Select flight/price/class/etc
4. Enter passenger names
5. Enter contact details
6. Confirm reservation / Create PNR
The future of the airline web site...
What has REALLY changed?
1. Origin/Destination
2. Display Availability
3. Select flight/price/class/etc
4. Enter passenger names
5. Enter contact detals
6. Confirm reservation / Create PNR
- Engagement
- Themes
- Consistence
Social Media
Things happens all the time!
Volcanoes, Snow storms, Union strikes etc etc...
- Affecting the airline brand!
"Hi folks – Steven here to address your feedback from yesterday’s $3 sale. I’ve had stern words with my Digital Dude, Haresh, and his team regarding our website performance, and as much as I'd like to say we found and fixed the problem, there were more than 6,600 people logged on at one point! And with such a high number of users, our website did not 'collapse' but rather, it managed the load to prevent a meltdown...."
Do something creative!
Automation tools
Automate repetitive tasks to gain productivity!
Source: Mobiquity
The future of the airline web site...
Responsive Design
- Change the web site appearance based on the device (laptop, smart phone, tablet etc)

Standalone mobile web site
- A separate web site 100% built and optimized for specific screen size

Adaptive Design
- Change the appearance AND the content on the web site based on the device

Stand alone mobile web site
Responsive Design
Adaptive Design
- Bookings
- Web Check-in
- Passbook
- Links to mobile web site
- Promotions
- Social campaigns

The future of the airline web site...
We talk to you! Our clients and partners are our top #1 source of inspiration in the airline industry!

We have clients in many travel related areas - Tour Operators, Travel Agencies etc

State of the art technology and an agile approach to development

Continuous trend analyzis within marketing and social media

We are "ezy"!

Thank you for listening!
E-mail: fredrik@ezy.se, Skype: ezyfredrik
Please come and visit us in "Varberg" - the west coast of Sweden!
Adaptive Design
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