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Global Entrepreneurship Week @ CIPE

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Jon Custer

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Global Entrepreneurship Week @ CIPE

ENTREPRENEURSHIP Creates jobs and helps economies to grow CIPE's experience around the world shows that entrepreneurs themselves can become a driving force for reform In Peru, CIPE and Peruvian think tank Instituto Invertir launched EmprendeAhora - a civics and entrepreneurship program for university students EmprendeAhora has hosted more than 430 students from 23 regions of Peru ...who started more than 42 businesses In Afghanistan, the program Tashabos provides high school students with an understanding of business, economics, and citizenship and encourages students to start their own enterprises. In 2008, 508 Tashabos students In Nepal, Samriddhi, the Prosperity Foundation Arthalaya, a program of is a five-day workshop that includes mock debates, business simulations, lectures, and other sessions with entrepreneurs from all over Nepal. In 2011 the program graduated 312 students 24 when they work together make their voices heard and Find out more: www.cipe.org/topic/entrepreneurship ... and join us in Chicago, IL on April 9-10 for an international conference on building strong, inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems that help democracies deliver for all segments of the population. www.democracythatdelivers.com BUT These efforts can only succeed if institutional shortcomings that make starting and growing business difficult are addressed. through business associations and chambers of commerce started businesses in Afghanistan employing 769 people who started Entrepreneurs' Clubs to share knowledge across the country
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