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Manhood - - John Wain

No description

Annemieke Tol

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Manhood - - John Wain

The problematic relationship between a demanding father and his son.
How parents their troubled marriage, shortcomings and frustration influence their son’s childhood.

Rob Willinson:
A standard 13 almost14 year old boy
Not really strong, pale and thin
He tries to satisfy his father’s desires despite his own desires
He is passive and obedient (gehoorzaam)

Mrs. Grace Willinson:
Irritated about her pushing husband and submissive son

The chronological sequence of the story:
Rising action:
He says to his father he has been selected to
represent the school at a boxing tournament
Rob is face to face with reality. He has to go into the ring but he keeps on lying. (different forms of excuses)
Falling action:
Mr Willison phones Mr Granger who is
supposed to be in charge of the tournament.
Mr. Willinson:
Authorative father
Frustrated; He wants to give his son the life he did not have

Manhood means the state or period of being a man rather than a child
Being a man is represented through Mr Willinson who wants his son to show strenght
The title does represents the physical side of manhood but also looks at becoming mature and sensible.

Purpose of writer:
Parents should take into account the children their feelings. Pushing can lead to negative consequences.
When children are under pressure they tend to lie to make their parents happy
Becoming aware of behaviour of parents to compensate shortcomings

Find quotes supporting the characters description
Find examples of father pushing his son
For what reason does mr Willinson force his son?
The story ends when Mr Willinson discovers the truth.
What do you expect him to say and do and why?
If you were in the shoes of Rob what would you do?

Manhood - - John Wain:
Rob his father realizes his son has been lying about his being part of a boxing team
This story has an open ending.
We do not know what Mr willison will do
“The man and the boy steered their bicycles down the short deep which led them from woodland into open country”
“And a lot of that downhill”

The Willisons their house;
“Where is he? Mrs Willinson asked coming into he garage”
“ lying down in his room resting, too tired to eat..”

Point of view:
Omniscient narrator (alwetende/externe verteller)

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