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Mayan Gods

No description

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Mayan Gods

Mayan Gods
Kinich Ahau was the god of the Sun. He was alphabet god G. His head was often used as a decoration on Mayan temples. One of the most famous piece of jade even had a carving of Kinich-Ahau. His facial features were quite distinctive, he had a hooked nose, crossed eyes, a beard that had sections curling at the corners of his mouth, crooked teeth, and he was middle aged. He was believed to have turned into a jaguar at night time.
Ek Chuah was the god of the North Star. In fact, "Ek", in the Mayan language, had meant star, and "Chuah" meant black. This god was generally painted in black, and his lips were out lined with a dark red circle. Ek Chuah was known as a friend to Maya. He wad also the god of cacao, some say that cacao was used as a currency through out Meso-America.
Ah Puch often had bells tied to his hair or had bands tied to his legs or fore arms. These bells were made of copper and sometimes gold. Ah Puch was depicted with things associated to/with death. His head a skull, hsi vertebrae and ribs were exposed, and his body having no flesh. If there was any flesh on this god, it would be bloated and covered in black circles, indicating decompisition He was usually with animals acquainted with death. For example, the owl. Ah Puch would do terrible things to his victims, things that you wouldn't even think to imagine. The only possible way for anyone to ever escapoe his wrath would be to scream and shriek at the top of your lungs. By doing this, you be acting as if one of his lesser demons were already dealing with you. Ah Puch was from level 9 of the underworld, this was the deepest and nastiest level there.
Chac was the god of rain. He had extended fangs that bulged from his mouth, large round eyes, and a proboscis like nose. The Mayan god, Chac, appeared as four gods, like most major gods. The four gods had to do with the main points of a compass and colors. For example, white, North; red, East; black, West; and yellow, South. Human sacrifice had been known as the god of rain, or Chac, and the priests that would hold the limbs of the person would be called "Chacs"
Blooms Question
How are the Mayan Gods similar & different to the Roman and Greek gods?
By Hailey Wendelgast
Ah Puch
They were similar because they were used to explain nature and many different stories about life. The Mayans took their gods much more seriously than Greece and Rome, they would even sacrifice there people. Also, they all worshipped their many gods equally. The Mayan stories had been lost, however we know many of the Greek and Roman mythology tales. Lastly, one of the biggest difference between the Romans and the Mayans, was that Rome killed for the fun of it. Maya sacrificed their people to the gods because it was something that they believed in, and it was very important to their culture.
Ixchel was the god of the moon. Letter O, in terms of of the alphabet gods. According to myth, she was the wife of Itzamna, another important god to the mayans. Her name, Ixchel, means "lady rainbow" or "she of the pale face" hinting at the moons pale surface. She appears both young and old, her age corresponding to the phase the moon is in. She is depicted with an old serpent head dress, a skirt with cross bones, and she had jaguar claws instead of hands.
Votan was the god of warfare. Votan was extremely old. So old that barely anyone remembered him. They even called him "old black god." He had no teeth, even in his younger days. His face was either painted black, or it was covered in black from the cigars he smoked. The Mayan god, Votan, had invented the art of the drums.
Xbalaque, or alphabet god Ch, was one of the hero twins. Each culture, had a pair of twins that eventually kill the other for things like power and dominance. For example, Romulus and Remus. Every night when the Sun goes down over the horizon, Xbalanque comes out and tosses the star across the empty night sky. One of the main reasons foepr this, is because he wanted to practice his throwing arm for the underworld games.
Itzamna was the god of agriculture and farming, things like sun and maize. He invented books and writing. Some say he is the most powerful god. Myth says he contains super human strength, great stamina, and resistance to energy. He was old, had sunken cheeks, and he had a eagle like nose.
Cama zots was god of darkness, sacrifice, and violence. He was believed to be leaf nosed vampire bat. He had his own home for bats in the underworld. Cama-Zotz had causes much trouple for the Hero Twins in the underworld.
Alphabet God-H
Chiccan was letter H. He was a serpent, one of four rain serpents. When ever the rain would come hissing down, they would believe it was the serpents. He was believed to make rain clouds out of the rivers. Like all rain gods, they are associated with the four main points on a compass and the four corresponding colors.
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