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Advanced Math AVC

Enjoy the Blah of the blah.

Michael Honore

on 23 August 2012

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Transcript of Advanced Math AVC

How Much I've Learned in Mrs. Villarroel's Class Knowledge Time Frame February March April C Zero B A A++ (Derriyan Price) First Day Angle of Elevation The angle that an observer would raise his or her line of sight above a horizontal line in order to see an object. Angle of Depression Angles of Elevation and Depression If an observer were UP ABOVE and needed to look down,
the angle of depression would be the angle that the person would need to lower lower his or her line of sight. Example: Remember: Soh - Cah - Toa Sin = Opposite
Adjacent Cos = Adjacent
Hypotenuse Tan = Opposite
Adjacent An angle of depression can be used to locate treasure at the sea floor. Real Life Example: Extremas The minimum and max of a function on an interval are the extreme values or extrema of the function on the interval. The minimum and max of a function on an interval Definition: Real life Example: The most expensive house in New Iberia would be the relative max. The most expensive house in the world would be the absolute max. Remember: The x-values are the most important pieces of information. Horizontal and Vertical Asymptotes Definition: A line that continually approaches a given curve but
does not meet it at any finite distance. Examples: Remember: For finding the horizontal asymptote 1. If the largest exponent is on numerator there is no horizontal asymptote. 2. If the highest exponent on the numerator and denominator, set them at a ratio. 3. If the denominator has the largest exponent the horizontal asymptote will automatically be zero. Real Life Example: Mexicans not being allowed to pass over the border. By: Michael Honoré Advanced Mathematics AVC P.S. Everything was drawn by me (;
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